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Manufacturers of bespoke mono spout pouches sought, or a machinery company to customise such a line, plus manufacturers of bag filling machines

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TRUK20211215001
Publication Date: 15 December 2021


A British company with over 6 years of experience, responsible for introducing the concept of re-usable “eco” food pouches is looking to expand into the healthcare sector. This requires a local partnership with a manufacturer who can produce high quality, mono (PE) spout pouches in large volumes to service healthcare in the UK at the outset, but with capacity to produce for a pan European market as well. Type of co-operation: manufacturing.


Since its inception the UK company has striven to create highly innovative packaging solutions to minimise the environmental impact and to strive to change behaviours by providing the tools to store food more responsibly. The product (see the picture) is extremely high quality and is the benchmark product for all competing products. These same philosophies drive the mission to provide a more holistic feeding system for the healthcare network. The product may require development for the specific use in clinical settings. The company currently sells the product for a range of uses under its own brand name -primarily in the mother and baby market across 23 countries world-wide. Recent supply chain issues make the product untenable to be shipped from Asia where it is currently produced. All products comply with the applicable regulations within the European Union. The products are - free from BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalates - Resealable with a leak proof zip for any liquid - Calibrated - Gussetted - freezable, dishwashable, microwaveable. 
The company commits themselves to corporate and qualitative principles.
The company is now looking for European manufacturers either capable of manufacturing the product range, or customising machines to make the pouches with the bespoke zip. Finally, they are interested to hear from bag filling machine manufacturers. The type of cooperation: manufacturing agreement. The pouches will first be sold in the UK but likely also in the partner’s territory, before rolling out across Europe.

Expertise sought

The company is searching for manufacturing partners who have the capability to produce high quality:
1- re-usable food grade spouted pouch with leak proof zipper made from mono PE and with ultrasonic welding facilities, as per the current design.
2- single use food grade mono PE pouches compatible with food filling machines in different sizes, mostly 200ml capacity;
3- food filling machine manufacturer who can develop three sizes of machine to fill various soft foods and drinks into spouted pouches. Mini - to fill 72 pouches - medium to fill 1200, and maxi to fill 2400 pouches all within a half hour time frame.

IPR status

Design Rights,Trade Marks

Requested partner

Type of partner sought: industry.
Specific area of partner sought: packaging machinery manufacturers, packaging manufacturers.
Role of partner sought: under a manufacturing agreement, to make the pouches or a production line for the pouches. Also, bag filling machines will be needed. See above for the specification. Local markets for sales are not an immediate necessity as this product is being developed for a single country at the outset with a view to growing to a wider audience after 2 years. Sales and marketing will be undertaken by a specialist team.

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