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UK manufacturer of polymer surface coatings seeks collaborative partners to develop new solutions

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TRUK20200110001
Publication Date: 10 January 2020


A UK polymer coating company who have 40 years experience of developing surface coatings solutions to meet the needs of clients across a variety of sectors are looking to work with collaborative partners to develop new products under technical co-operation  agreement or on a joint venture basis to develop new and innovative coatings solutions.


The UK East of England polymer coating company, that has extensive technical expertise and experiencep of working in the surface coatings sector is seeking collaboration with suitable partners to develop  new coatings and processes.
The company offers both chemical and environmental corrosion protection covering low friction, abrasion resistance, non-stick, thermally conductive and electrical ioslative coatings across the following sectors:
Metal fabrication
Oil & Gas

The company work with businesses form the design stage in order to accurately meet the clients’ requirements thus ensuring accurate and cost effective surface technology to increase product life cycle and enhance functionality.

The company are seeking to continually improve process and add value to their clients. It already has established international clients and seeks to increase market share and turnover by establishing further connections.

Depending on the nature of the partner and the type of project which is agreed upon to implement the company is expecitng that the companies will collaborate together under either a technical co-operation agreements where both companies agree to undertake a particular aspect of a specific project to develop a new coating solution or a joint venture agreement where by the companies agreee at the outset the ownership of intellectual property and terms to work together to achieve a solution to identified coating issues in the sector with a view to bringing new products to market.


Expertise sought

Prospective partners  should have  experience of developing new coating technologies and work across a range of markets.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Prospective partners should be established companies that have  experience of developing new coating technologies and work across a range of market sectors.  The company is looking to work collaboratively either under a joint venture agreement where ownership of intellectual property is agreed at the outset and a strategy for the collaboration is agreed ahead of commercialisation or technical co-operation agreement whereby a partner will work upon one aspect of the development of a new coating product. The collaborative partner should be an established business or innovator with good connections into the coating sector or be part of the coating sector in their specific country.

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