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A Turkish IT company which is developing industrial monitoring systems for metal kitchenware sector looks for partners under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement

Country of Origin: Turkey
Reference Number: TRTR20201203001
Publication Date: 4 December 2020


An IT company from South of Turkey develops several business process management and mobile applications. The company conducts a project which aims to develop a factory monitoring system for metal kitchenware manufacturers. The cost effective hardware for entire systems and technical assistance for the image processing stage are seeked. The company seeks partners from all around the world under a commercial agreement with technical assistance and license agreement.


A Turkish IT company established in 2018 is an engineering and technology company specialized in business process management and mobile application development. The solutions aim to simplify the public and private sector business processes with a new approach. The company has 100 plus project experience in relationship management, collecting data from the field, and mobile app development.

The company is developing industrial monitoring systems for metal kitchenware sector, which is the leading sector in the region. The system aims to build a low cost solution to run monitoring with a number of sensors in the factory. The system consist of several monitoring hardware like smart sensor and cameras allows for data collection and communication between machines and stations and will provide reports to the end users to increase the efficiency. As the project is conducted for metal kitchenware industry-specific products and machines, the image processing algorithm which allows to gain and process data from the sensors and cameras is one of the challenging step of the work.

The company is willing to establish partnership both with the industrial monitoring system hardware providers and IT companies which have expertise related to image processing. The partnership for hardware providers should include providing necessary equipment with the technical support for the need may arise in the configuration phase under a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The desired partnership for IT companies includes the execution of image processing processes under a license agreement. Since the company plans to serve in this field for many years, the company can also be considered as an Integrator for the long term.

Expertise sought

The expected benefit from hardware is being cost effective, but still be industrial specification.  The hardware  should worked well and should be easy to install and reliable.
Image processing technology should facilitate the processing of data of products such as pans, teapots etc. in the metal kitchenware industry.

Stage Of Development

Project already started

Requested partner

The company is interested in working with any size of companies that can contribute the project. The Monitoring hardware manufacturers are expected to contribute project in terms of selection of suitable devices and supply for the future sales.
The IT companies should support the image processing works during the project as well as the commerzilation stage.

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