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A Dutch company is looking for IT-solutions for a virtual contact card

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Reference Number: TRNL20201231001
Publication Date: 15 January 2021


A Dutch provider of unified communications is looking for innovative SMEs from Europe to offer their corporate customers a personalized sharable and readable identity URL to be reachable by external parties via multiple channels like chat, video and call. The cooperation would be in the frame of a technical cooperation agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance. This request refers to an Innovation challenge published on an open innovation platform.


The Dutch company provides contact technology and integrated telecom services via reselling partners and direct brands that enable the agile organization.

There has never been a higher demand to connect people digital, the ability to manage, to schedule and adapt these changing demands. This is critical both economically and personally. Reachability, work life balance and mental health are highly topical as this rapid transition to new working practices is transitioned to blur the boundaries of home and work life.

There are many ways that individuals and companies use to initiate and remain in contact. Traditionally exchanging business cards is still a widely used method of information exchange that has deeply engrained cultural and business values. Such tradition is now challenged in both format and function, as virtual online meetings, conferences and touch points become common place. Digitizing these exchanges has peripheral environmental and health impact in reducing the need of maintaining printed media, minimize costs and context that may pose a health threat in physical exchanges.

A virtual contact card gives an easy option to share a single link and offers the entry point to manage a versatile communication portal for a single user or team to plan for life and distribute workload. The feature of a pure Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) layer, can operate without the need to install any software, always real-time updated with the latest contact details, communication preferences and agenda would be a “new” way of communication with a new “channel” via any means the communication needs are required. All from a single click.

The virtual contact card could be a platform to integrate with any product or channel within product portfolio, consolidating the possibilities of frontends with WebRTC based backend platform. The corporate customer can specify preferred contact methods, preferred hours, user presence, to easily integrate this contact flow into any web-based context such as full contact webpage or collapsible widget.They maintain ultimate control over delivery channel, email signature or landing page and can be configured as a single individual, a team or as a server message block. External parties are presented with list of best contact options at the moment of reaching out. They are required to leave contact details for validation purposes, enrich a company’s customer relationship management system and provide lead generation possibilities. External parties are presented with a list of best contact options at the moment of reaching out.They are required to leave contact details for validation purposes, enrich a company’s customer relationship management system and provide lead generation possibilities

Web contact should be mobile optimized, with minimal additional development effort. Communication methods can be enabled/disabled according to browser capabilities or guide the user to WebRTC capable downloads. Widgets or pages can be localized per territory (DE, NL, DK, etc.) and white labeled at any level. Visitor selections can perform initial triage of incoming contact requests to known or anonymous visitors to appropriate agent, or department in leveraging the best endpoint to the initial enquiry in real-time.

The company wants to know how to develop a total solution in an online environment. What innovative ideas exist about using technology and different functionalities for this purpose. They are open for different types of partnerships such as a technical cooperation agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This technology request is part of an innovation challenge and is published on an open innovation platform from January 18th until February 15th.If an organization does express interest in cooperation with this firm before closing date, it will be guided towards this open innovation platform on which one can get in treated in the normal way.

Expertise sought

The  Dutch company is looking for expertise to develop this solution in their cloud based managed voice and Collaboration platform, both frontend and backend. In the software solution:
• Every corporate Customer gets a personal room with an external URL, shared under your email footer, webpage, etc.
• The external calling party gets a “check of devices” webpage and an indication on the virtual contact’s presence.
• From there the virtual contact can be called.
• The Virtual Contact gets an incoming video call signaled

The Dutch company wants to get in contact with relevant parties for innovative solutions who have the expertise, methods and technologies within the following relevant disciplines:
• Software development
• Transcription
• Tech & design
• Recognition of mental state
• Telephone routing
• Software integration skills
• Creative thinking

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Stage Of Development Comment

Other stages are also interesting for this Dutch authority: 
• Already on the market
• Available for demonstration
• Field Tested / Evaluated
• Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

Role of partner:  
SME's are invited to share their ideas and propose their advice, support and solutions. After being selected, the SME will be proposed to participate in the creation of the virtual contact card for this organization. Other types of partnerships can be offered and discussed with the regulator.

The Dutch company can offer:
• A possible assignment to realize a MVP
• An interesting network of cooperation partners and municipalities, which can also be used to spread your concept further if it is demonstrably effective.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests