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An Italian network of enterprises is looking for technologies for the wireless charging of electric vehicles

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TRIT20210906001
Publication Date: 15 September 2021


A group of Italian companies in the electric mobility sector is looking for wireless vehicle charging technologies. This technology can overcome the problem of infrastructures in electric mobility. The cooperation will be carried out under commercial agreements with technical assistance, licence and technical cooperation agreements.


This group of Italian companies is active in the electric mobility sector. They have close contacts with the company that deals with the construction and maintenance of roads in Italy and with various local authorities.

Their goal is to optimize electric mobility and in particular they are interested in wireless vehicle charging solutions. Wireless charging for electric cars is essentially an enhanced version of that used for smartphones, which is based on resonant magnetic induction to transfer energy between a pad, positioned on the ground, and another place on the electric car. They also look for technologies for the development of asphalts that allow the optimization of the road surface, in order to make it more efficient for inductive charging.

Wireless charging will allow electric cars to connect to the electricity grid without the use of specific connectors. It will be possible to recharge the car from the garage floors or even when the vehicle is in motion, thanks to special systems located on the highways that allow wireless charging of the batteries while the vehicle is moving on the road.

In addition to the minimization of pollution and carbon emissions due to electrification, the technology has several advantages: it will allow a more efficient use of battery capacity, also optimizing charging times; minimization of battery size; increase usage because there will be no downtime due to vehicle charging; solves the elimination of range anxiety and dependency on battery performance; a shared platform for all electric vehicles reduces deployment investment; no charging station is required, saving land resources and visual hazards; allows to leverage existing infrastructure no need for new grid infrastructure and transformation stations.

The Italian company is looking for technology suppliers who will provide it with the necessary support to implement the technology under license agreements. If the technology requires assistance and services to implement it, the collaboration can take place under commercial agreements with technical assistance. In the event that the development of the technology is not completed, the group of Italian companies makes its know-how available to complete the development of the technology under technical cooperation agreements.

Expertise sought

The Italian company is looking for industrial partners in the electric vehicle sector who have developed or are working on the development of technologies for wireless vehicle charging.

Requested partner

The group of Italian companies is looking for manufacturers of wireless vehicle charging systems. The type of agreement depends on the stage of development of the technology. In the case of fully developed technology, the technology partner will act as licensor and provide authorization to use the technology for electric mobility projects. 

If support services and other actions to support technology transfer are required, collaboration can take place under commercial agreements with technical assistance.

In the case of technologies whose development is not fully realized, the network of Italian companies makes its skills and knowledge available to co-develop the technology. So as part of technical cooperation agreements, the two industrial partners will collaborate to develop the pad to be placed under the asphalt and the pad to be placed on the vehicles.

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