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Industrial partners are sought for the development of a low consumption and ecological air conditioning system for campers, trucks, boats and special vehicles

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TRIT20210518002
Publication Date: 18 May 2021


An Italian company with experience in production and installation of technological accessories for cars, is developing an innovative air conditioning technology, with low electric consumption and environmental impact, based on a granted patent.
The sought partners are industrial companies producing air conditioning systems and components for campers, trucks and boats, interested to be involved in the development and prototyping of the new technology, under technical cooperation agreement.


An Italian company, specialized in research and development activities devoted to the automotive sector, has started the development of an innovative air conditioning system, featured by a very low electric consumption and environmental effect. 
Starting from a granted patent, the ambitious project aims to eliminate both the electric compressor and the high pressure HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons). HFCs are man-made organic compounds frequently used in air conditioning, that give a relevant contribute to global warming,
The Italian company intends to replace the electric compressor with an absorption heat pump, using a water/ammonia binary fluid. Due to their high energy efficiency, absorption heat pumps are increasingly used in industrial refrigeration systems, supermarkets, etc. They change the state of a binary fluid using heat through a reversible process, that allows a single machine to produce hot or cold air.
Important resulting benefits can be obtained:
- a relevant energy saving, since the absorption heat pump consumption can be a very small percentage (even 5% or less) of the traditional compression cycle with the same refrigeration efficiency, thanks to the possibility of using the heat recovered or produced with the fuel present in the vehicle tank;
- the internal volume of trucks, campers and special vehicles can be air-conditioned both while driving and when parking in a silent way;
- noisy and polluting generators can be avoided.
The Italian company aim is not to get a single product, but to develop an applied technology, from which many other useful applications can be derived.
Some advantages for the end users are:
• trucks: heating and cooling autonomy of many days, compared to the current few hours; it means that the driver will be properly rested and more attentive while driving;
• campers: air conditioning without connection to an electric column or a noisy generator, now also banned in free parking areas; it will no longer be mandatory to go in a camping to have a fresh and livable camper;
• boats: currently boats and yachts have huge polluting generators and are very thirsty to have the electricity for air-conditioning; with the new system they can be at least 10 times less powerful with enormous benefits for the environment and management costs;
• hearth-moving vehicles, ambulances, vehicles dedicated to the police will be able to manage the air conditioning without being tied to the ignition of the vehicle's engine.
Further possible applications for silent and low environmental impact air conditioning are:
• temperature-controlled containers, avoiding high consume of electricity;
• refrigerated trucks, without requiring a heat engine always on;
• summer houses in Nordic countries, cabins, shelters, container houses to be used in areas without electricity; the innovative air conditioning system can be feeded with solar thermal panels or solar concentrators, while the burner can also be powered with LPG/methane as a backup system;
• devices for mobile use with a double power supply system: e.g. campers that cool the passengers compartment using the "free" heat of the exhaust gases when is moving and the burner when is stationary.
The Italian company, whose activity is historically connected to motorhomes and caravan manufacturers production, is developing the new technology within a partnership with important research institutes having deep knowledge and competencies in automotive sector. A possible financial source could also be obtained from Horizon Europe calls.
With the aim to carry on the final development and prototyping of the new air conditioning technology, the Italian company is looking for industrial partners, specialized in manufacturing air conditioning systems for campers, trucks and boats.
The proposed collaboration is based on technical cooperation agreement.

Expertise sought

The ideal partner must have internal competences in designing air conditioning components and a deep interest in innovating their production.
A specialization as suppliers for trucks, campers and boats producers would be a preferential feature.
The partner should cooperate in applying the innovative technology to the production of a new air conditioning system, compliant with all existing requirements in the reference sector (automotive or nautical).
The air conditioning producer has to collaborate in the new product prototyping, identifying the characteristics to be developed to optimize both performance and manufacturing process; the partner must also be interested in the air conditioning system testing and production phase.

IPR status

Patents granted

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

The partners sought are companies specialized in the production of air conditioning systems for automotive or nautical sectors, especially devoted to trucks, campers and sail boats.
The ideal partners are interested in:
- collaborating in the development of the innovative air conditioning technology;
- supporting the new system prototyping for its use on campers, boats, trucks;
- participation in the new air conditioning device test phase.
The proposed activity will be conducted under a technical cooperation agreement.

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