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A Finnish application development company is looking for technology partners in image and video processing and/or payment gateway solutions

Country of Origin: Finland
Reference Number: TRFI20201211001
Publication Date: 11 December 2020


A Finnish company developing an online platform and smartphone application for visual content creators is looking for image processing and/or payment gateway solutions to be integrated into their solution under a commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement or technical cooperation agreement.


A Finnish company, established in 2015, has developed and recently launched an online platform and smartphone application for visual content creators. 

The company has social values, innovative mindset and co-creation as a product development approach, offering an engaging, rewarding and knowledgeable experience and representing a welcoming ecosystem where every creator finds something for themselves.

Currently available globally on Android with over 10 000+ registered users and 32 000+ photos uploaded on the platform from different parts of the world, the platform aims to offer a complete ecosystem for visual content creators. The platform is designed for quality content creators who strive to boost and monetize their skills, as well as get recognized and rewarded.

The company is looking for digital image processing and/or international payment gateway solutions to further attract their niche user base and also enable payment for content and freelancing from any part of the world. The company is open to different collaboration models, including commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement and technical cooperation agreement, depending on the solution/technology offered.

Expertise sought

Criteria for partners/solutions:
● Image/video processing technology for Android, iOS and website in order to enhance the image quality, editing and viewing experience
● International payment gateway

Requested partner

The partner companies are expected to
● develop or license their solution for image processing
● provide an international payment gateway solution.

Technological advantage in the industry and the service quality are the key factors for partnership consideration. Furthermore, the partner needs to be open for different types of collaborations (especially in image processing needs) instead of only direct sales. The size of the partner company is not the key parameter in this collaboration process.

Potential image processing partner should be operating in software industry with expertise of developing or providing an existing solution which can analyze and edit the image to enhance, compress, and study images on a microscopic level. The provided application should work seamlessly in Android, iOS and website.

The international payment gateway service provider operating in e-commerce industry should facilitate global/multi-currency payments with multiple languages interface and should be easily integratable in mobile applications and website.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests