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A Brussels-based, UN-founded association looking for social enterprises for social field work and capacity enhancing

Country of Origin: Belgium
Reference Number: TRBE20200625001
Publication Date: 25 June 2020


A Brussels-based international NGO is looking for partners with technological capabilities to apply their advocacy and academic knowledge in field situations. These cooperations in hardware, software and technical and human expertise will enable the NGO and its partners to provide better field services to its members and beneficiaries, most of whom are women from disadvantageous backgrounds. Partners are being sought for a services agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


A Brussels-based international NGO backed by UNESCO federates a network of associations in about 30 countries, which indirectly represents 20 million people. This NGO is an association with no political or religious affiliations and has general consultative status with the United Nations.
They have extensive experience in academic research and advocacy work in gender equality, the economic empowerment of women and their role as educators and care givers, in areas such as health, peacekeeping and environment. They voice and make sure that especially women's needs are heard and taken into account in the transition to sustainable societies, and that social and environmental aspects are both considered.

They are looking to enhance their operational capacities through partnering with a social enterprise with field expertise and logistics capabilities that will offer them the opportunity to put into practice their more academic work. The partner should be able to put into place structures that will enable the association to carry out operational work in their area using technological tools such as databases, tracking software, ways to identify risks and assign resources. The association remains open to different kinds of technical help and capacity-building also through trainings, paid opportunities and traineeships, logistical and practical support in grant applications and financing as well as other possibilities in transforming research into practical application.

Expertise sought

Social enterprises with strong conscious ideals that can transform academic research and advocacy efforts through the use of such things as: 
- computer hardware and software that can be used to organize field efforts and identify needs;
- databases to store, classify and use information;
- structures in place to carry out practical field exercises and deliver services to disadvantaged populations;
- in know-how and practical application capabilities, traineeships and training opportunities, expertise in organizing, obtaining or giving out operational funds,
- willingness to get involved in research and content, a field network of technical and human resources.

It is important to recognize the gender dimension of proposed activities and work to improve the situation and opportunities of women and mothers using available technical resources and working to develop new ones as needed during the course of practical exercises.

IPR status


Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The association is looking for a social enterprise that could offer infrastructure, software and hardware, industry-specific know-how and experience in carrying out field work with the association. The partner could also work with the association to offer traineeships, skill-enhancing programmes for the members and associates who are in disadvantaged positions with a view to providing with the necessary skills to access the labour market.
The partner should be able to work with the association to take their academic and advocacy knowledge and apply it to the field, as well as giving the association knowledge of the field to use in further research and advocacy activities.

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