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An Austrian orthopedic wholesaler is looking for a partner to develop and manufacture new products

Country of Origin: Austria
Reference Number: TRAT20201111001
Publication Date: 11 November 2020


A traditional Austrian wholesaler of orthopedic products is looking for a company for joint development of new orthoses and bandages. The partner should have experience in processing different textile materials and small metal parts and is expected to manufacture the new products after the prototyping phase. Sales and distribution will be handled by the Austrian company.
Cooperation via a manufacturing agreement is sought. Partners from Eastern Europe are preferred.


The Austrian SME is an orthopedic wholesaler, which produces and sells high-quality orthopedic remedies and aids since 1927. This traditional family-run company has managed to modernise and expand its business in recent years.

The client's specialty is the in-house development of high-quality orthoses and bandages that support patients individually in the treatment of pain or injuries. In addition to the classic aids used after operations or for rehabilitation, the product range also includes products for sportsmen and sportswomen.
Thanks to years of experience and cooperation with doctors and therapists, the orthoses and bandages are easy to use and contribute successfully to recovery.

The company already has experience with trans-national cooperation (distribution partners in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) and is now looking for a reliable partner for a manufacturing agreement.

They are searching for a company to jointly develop new orthoses and bandages. The development focuses on optimization of existing products (improvement and modernizing of the design, improvement of the usability and wearing comfort, etc.) but also completely new development in specific areas are possible.
The partner will eventually manufacture the products for them after the prototyping phase.
The company does not necessarily have to have experience in the production of orthoses or bandages.
A partner from Eastern Europe is preferred.

Expertise sought

The partner sought should meet the following requirements:

The company should be able to process textile materials and to manufacture products after prototyping phase.
Furthermore the processing of smaller metal parts is also required.
The company should also have access to different materials e.g. different textile materials, neoprene variants, Velcro fasteners, Velcro straps, etc.

Experience in the production of bandages or orthoses is not necessery. An ISO 13485 certification would be an advantage, but is not mandatory.

The production volume depends strongly on the product in question. There are products where they sell only 50 pieces per year, but there are also products of which they sell several thousand pieces. For the products that they are currently optimising or want to develop from scratch, the quantities will be around 500 - 1,000 units.

Requested partner

A company with experience in the processing of different textile materials and in sewing work is sought for a manufacturing agreement. The requested partner should develop new orthoses and bandages together with the company and should manufacture the products after the prototyping phase. Sales and distribution will be handled by the Austrian company.
The Austrian company values flexibility (production units, adjustments) very much and is a key criteria for the partner search.

Partners from Eastern Europe are preferred.

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