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A national research institute in Korea is looking for global partners in a point-of-care (PCO) to measure mental stress by simple sampling of saliva under technology cooperation and others

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20210103001
Publication Date: 3 January 2021


The capillary biochip developed in the Biotech division in a national research institute in Korea, can detect stress related biomolecules in saliva, facilitating facile measure of the mental stress state of a person. The detection is carried out within a matter of a few minutes using very small amount of saliva (5µL). Moreover, with advantage over the conventional ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) used in clinical environment, the capillary biochip can provide faster and better result


The salivary POC technology for stress analysis is comprised of three components, the capillary biochip, a pen-type sensor and/or a mobile phone. The capillary POC technology is in a sense a ‘miniaturized ELISA system, which is widely used in clinical and laboratory environment to measure many different types of biomarkers for infectious diseases, cancers, hormones etc. 

In addition, the results from the capillary biochip can be transferred to a mobile phone for systematic management of a person’s stress. The connectivity to mobile system can also be applied to remote and non-contact diagnosis especially in the influenza pandemic. Now the research group in a Korean R&D institute is involved in widening the application fields to diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The major technologies involved in the capillary biochip technology are as follows:

1) Enzyme-based reaction for measuring salivary amylase
2) Immunoassay-based analysis for detecting salivary cortisol
3) Surface chemistry and freeze-drying technologies for stabilizing bio-probe and indicator molecules
4) Wireless connection of the sensor with a mobile phone

Any companies or research groups interested in our current and future salivary diagnostic systems are more than welcome to contact us. We wish to talk with any interested institutions or people regrading not limited to license agreement, technical cooperation and commercial agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The capillary biochip produces can measure faster and more accurate than ELISA with much less cost by any non-professional personnel. 

- Detection time: 3 minutes
- Amount of saliva needed for detection: 5µL
- Easy and simple to use
- Detectable disease may be expanded not limited to diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease

IPR status

Secret Know-how,Patents granted

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

- Companies in the bio & healthcare industry wishing to enter a POC diagnostic device market under license agreement, technical cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance

- Any companies, universities, and research institutes in healthcare industry interested in join R&D to develop a new portable POC diagnostic kit based on the bio-capillary chip and analyser technology

Cooperation offer is closed for requests