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A French independent sales agent is looking for food and food raw materials manufacturers in Belgium, Greece, Italy and Spain to sell their products in France under a commercial agency agreement

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: BRFR20201124001
Publication Date: 24 November 2020


A France based sales agent specialized in food & beverages packaging since 2013. The company is willing to develop its current portfolio by adding complementary product ranges. Food manufacturers or food raw materials producers from Belgium, Greece, Italy and Spain willing to extend their market share in France are sought under a commercial agency agreement.


An independent French sales agent established its business seven years ago. He mainly serves food & beverages packaging sector. He is connected to a large base of industrial and distribution partners in whole France. Today he is willing to expand his activity as Commercial Agent still in an international environment with food producers or raw materials for food production companies. 

He considers both producers of conventional and organic food or raw materials from Belgium, Greece, Italy and Spain. Potential partners should will to increase sales outside their home market and have a real consideration for the French market.

The sales agent is looking for a commercial agency agreement based on a commission related to the invoicing value but could be also based on other parameters.

Advantages and Innovations

- large contact base in food and beverage sectors, both in distribution and food production;

- experience and ability to deal with different sizes of companies, types and kind of customers.

Expertise sought

- European and International Food Certifications;

- Organic grade production.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Partners sought should be conventional or organic food manufacturers or raw materials producers for a food sector.  

They should be in a position to propose industrial capacity and varied services to export in France:

- raw materials for transformation to targeted industrial clients according to their recipes, processes and on-going developments;

- finished products (OEM) to local distributors.

Dissemination Countries

Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy

Cooperation offer is closed for requests