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French craft brown wine-spirits (cognac) distillery seeks dark rum from the caribbean area under supplier agreement

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: BRFR20201120001
Publication Date: 13 January 2021


French family owned distillery, active on its home market and in foreign countries is looking for quality dark rum from the caribbean area for a long-term supplier agreement to enlarge its product offer with other spirits.


The 170 years old french company is a family owned craft distillery of cognac (brown wine-spirits). The spirits are produced with grapes issued from its own vineyards. It has a solid reputation of high quality single cask bottling for brown spirit lovers, and "connoisseurs". It also completes its range of products with selected liqueur wines and other spirits to satisfy its customers. 

The company is looking for a producer of high-quality dark rum on bulk delivery. The company aims at running the final (end) maturation in its own barrels in France and doing the bottle filling. The owner has strong experience and knowledge in the ageing and maturation of alcohols.

The objective is the integration of a rum in its product offer range. The sales will be done under its own registered trademark.


Advantages and Innovations

The company has a strong experience of brand building in the brown wine-spirits (cognac) business. They are provided with a wide established network of distributors and retailers in France, in EU and other countries. Its distribution channels cover France and abroad via agents.

Expertise sought

Alcohol level: 44% A.B.V. minimum requested
Ageing: (number of years of maturation) 5 years and more.
Product made of sugar canes with NO additives
1000 liters of minimum 5 years maturation (1m3) bulk bag delivery

IPR status

Secret Know-how

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

Expertize in spirits flavour and taste optmization, with "French Touch".

International wine and spirit competition gold medal in 2018.

Requested partner

The partner sought must be a producer of rum from the caribbean zone interested in collaborating with a brown spirits (cognac)  distillery. The considered partner should be able to furnish at a first stage 3 to 5 X 1000 liters bulk bags for tests by the client with real increased volumes for a long term partnership. The partner sought should be a family owned company, with an experience of international shipping.

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