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French importer is looking for high quality gasketed plate heat exchangers for use in industrial or domestic applications under distribution services agreement

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: BRFR20201116001
Publication Date: 17 November 2020


A French company in the energy sector has specialised in importation and sales of brased plate heat exchangers for the French market through large network of resellers. The SME intends to complete its range with reliable gasketed plate heat exchangers, hydraulically tested and certified for refrigeration, cooling or heating in the industrial or domestic applications. It is looking for a long-term partnership with a well-established industrial manufacturer under a distribution services agreement.


Since 2012, the French company has specialised in distributing brased plate heat exchangers through a national network of dealers, retailers, installers/repairers. The SME supplies optimised cutting-edge heat exchangers for HVAC, refrigeration, domestic heating, industrial heating / cooling markets, marine and transportation and process sectors. 

The SME built its reputation at the price of a constant investment in the service of their customers. It provides, specialised help calculation and choice of more efficient heat exchangers in any installations where heating or cooling media is necessary.

During this complicated 2020 year, the French SME significantly expanded its permanent stock in order to face the situation. It gave quick and effective responses to the smallest needs, brought appropriate solutions, thorough and optimised calculations thanks to the most efficient analytical tools.

As an opportunity, the French SME is willing to complete its range and thus gain access to new shares of the French market. It is now looking for a long-term partner able to design and produce high quality gasketed plate heat exchangers. The partner should be a well-established industrial manufacturer preferably located in Europe. The cooperation will be based on a distribution services agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

-French company activity focused on fluid-fluid heat exchangers
-Company’s employees are all qualified professionals in the energy field (refrigerating, heating)
-Deep awareness of the market and commercial networks with dealers and specialist installers
-Widest heat exchangers range in warehouse to access to a large scope of business opportunities
-Good and strong knowledge of the market competitors and customers
-Active sales approach with ambitious targets for business turnover and growth
-Financial stability

Expertise sought

The industrial partner must be able to design, manufacture and supply high quality gasketed heat exchangers, complex, tailor-made, dismantleable and suitable for many industrial or domestic applications (heating - cooling - refrigeration).

All gasketed heat exchangers produced must be certified (CE marked) and have good performance. They must have technical data sheets and safety data sheets.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The partner must be an industrial manufacturer able to design, produce and supply CE marked and good performance gasketed plate heat exchangers. It should be located in Europe. A long-term partnership is sought under distribution services agreement. 

The partner should provide:
-guidance on applications and plate heat exchangers selection with design software.
-professional technical training at each level: heat transfer, products & accessories.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests