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A French company is looking for partners to install and/or maintain displaying multimedia equipment under services agreement

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: BRFR20190923001
Publication Date: 26 September 2019


A French company is looking for partners in Europe to install or maintain multimedia equipment like digital signage, kiosks, video conference, video projection, audio, cabling. Services agreements are offered to partners especially in European countries.


A French 16-years company installs and maintains multimedia equipment of major French enterprises recognized in the multimedia market. This multiservices company offers a solid and quick service to their clients for their needs in payment and checkout system, IT and multimedia equipment. 

They have a strong position on their domestic market, with 30 highly skilled technicians and a network of 500 technical partners over France. The company does 3000 equipment installations and 12 000 maintenance tasks per year.

The company can answer to an entire project for a shop for instance: IT equipment, payment system, network, cabling, security and visit control, wifi, digital signage (screens, interactive terminals, tablets…), sound systems (speakers, amplifiers).

They can:
- install during day or night,
- install in height (up to 10m),
- perform maintenance and troubleshooting,
- ensure audit on sites for future customer installations.

The company's clients include major French brands in car industry, perfume sector, supermarket, banks with subsidiaries all over Europe, for which the potential partner could work in his country. The SME is installing also computer cables or electrical cables for their clients which can be airports, hospitals, private banks…

There is an increasing demand on the market for services to install and maintain equipment like kiosk, digital signage, led wall, connected objects, etc. That is the reason why the company is actively looking for a partner to install and/or maintain multimedia equipment.

The aim is to establish partnerships with professionals with same business activities, in various European countries, in order to install or offer maintenance services to their own customers. The SME wishes to follow their clients and extend their business abroad. The company will do the link between the partner and the client.

This cooperation will give the opportunity to the European partners to increase their services in their own countries and the possibility for the French company to extend their services in Europe.

The partnership sought is a services agreement.



Advantages and Innovations

The company has wide knowledge of IT environment, IP address, Wifi, connected objects. They master also indoor or outdoor LED walls installation. 

The French firm is partner with the major suppliers of multimedia equipment and is trained by them to be able to work on their latest technologies.

They could help the partners and give them required information to install latest technologies equipment. Thus the partners will also improve their expertise.

Expertise sought

The SME is seeking experienced companies in the multimedia services sector for services agreements.

The partners shall be able to install a wide range of multimedia equipment and/or to maintain them as the French company does.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Experimented services companies in the multimedia market able to install and maintain all over their country equipment like digital signage, kiosks, led walls, connected objects…

Network and electric knowledges are requested and working at heights and night works could be asked.

The future partner is working with multimedia integrators, in-store provider of music, digital signage, audio, video, interactive mobile marketing solutions, software publisher.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests