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Spanish engineering and construction company is looking for partners within the power sector in the United Kingdom and Germany

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: BRES20200720001
Publication Date: 23 July 2020


Spanish leading engineering and construction firm, working in power, infrastructures and water sectors is looking for partners  in the United Kingdom and Germany (engineering firms, contractors, developers) to work together in power generation projects and substations.  

The Spanish company would be very interested in settinge a commercial agency agreement, a joint venture agreement or an outsourcing agreement.


A Spanish leading engineering company within the power sector, whose activity is focused mainly in carrying out engineering services and turnkey supply of installations, is looking for partners in the market of power generation and distribution in the United Kingdom as well as in Germany.

The company, with broad international experience, provides a complete range of consulting, project management, engineering and design, procurement, construction management, plant testing, safety assessment, quality assurance, power plant operation and maintenance support services, as well as full execution of turnkey projects.

The markets of power generation and distribution in the United Kingdom and Germany are considered among the most attractive ones for the Spanish power engineering firm.

It develops cogeneration, combined cycle, biomass, waste to energy and solar thermal power projects. The company works closely together with another Spanish company of its own property, specialized in the development of nuclear and conventional power plants, as well as large combined cycle power plants and PV/HC and wind in the renewable energy sector.

Moreover, the Spanish firm belongs to a large Chinese energy engineering group which is currently gifted with more than 20.000 employees.

The Spanish company covers activities from basic and detailed engineering as well as owner’s or lender’s engineering, engineering for project development and performance, construction management and power plant operation and maintenance support services based on a wide typology of technologies: simple and combined cycles, coal, cogeneration, biomass, wastes and solar (PV-HC) energy.

Furthermore, the company offers turnkey project execution for projects of cogeneration and biomass plants.

It helps efficiently its customers to implement optimal solutions for their new power plant projects, and it provides the capabilities for the retrofitting, upgrading and uprating of existing cogeneration and combined cycle power plants. It also contributes with its services to improving the operation, maintenance and energy efficiency of installations.

The Spanish company, with large international experience, is looking for partners (engineering firms, contractors and developers) which are well established in the British and German markets and are able to complement the Spanish company´s know-how and capabilities.

The Spanish company would be keen to settle a commercial agency agreement, a joint venture agreement or an outsourcing agreement.

Collaboration to be agreed depending on capabilities of the parties.

Advantages and Innovations

The advantages the Spanish company offers to any potential partners are:

• More than fifty years of experience in the power sector.
• Successful track-record.
• Access to other typology of projects, working with a wide range of technologies.
• Flexible division of responsibilities depending on customer, technology, location, etc.
• Possibility to increase the revenues of the firm.
• Possibility to develop R&D projects by using the Spanish company´s resources.
• Backed by one of the largest engineering groups in the world.
• Access to international markets.
• Access to new base of Spanish utilities, financial institutions.

Expertise sought

Expertise required depends on partner´s  profile:

• If engineering: knowledge of local norms and regulations, with local offices. Preferably with commercial presence in the market (region or the whole country).

• If contractor: experienced in its activity and ready to expand its services. Financially strong.

• Developer: knowledge of the market. Able to develop projects or to find existing developments and able to collaborate with the Spanish engineering company so as to achieve the ready-to-build status of the projects. Being able to take risks.

IPR status

Secret Know-how,Design Rights

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The Spanish company is mainly looking for three (3) types of partners:

• Local Engineering firms with knowledge of the power sector and able to complement the capabilities of the Spanish company within the United Kigdom and Germany They should intend to expand their activities by combining their capabilities with those of the Spanish company and being able to manage licensing and permitting issues and to work according to local regulations and norms. The scope of each party will be agreed depending on own experience.

• Local contractors: companies already working or willing to work in the power sector which want to strength their engineering capabilities or to integrate them into turn-key projects. Ready to create consortiums or joint ventures and flexible to adapt them to every single project. Must know the market.

• With developers: The Spanish company is willing to collaborate in the development of power generation projects. Collaboration would be agreed case by case or under a frame agreement depending of capabilities and needs.

• Other partners like i.e. technology providers or R&D institutions are also welcome to express in the Spanish company ´s cooperation proposal.

Dissemination Countries

Germany, United Kingdom

Cooperation offer is closed for requests