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A Ukrainian manufacturer of handcrafted chocolate is looking for distribution services agreement

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: BOUA20211116002
Publication Date: 18 November 2021


A handmade chocolate manufacturer from Ukraine offers natural chocolate, handmade candies, nut-chocolate spread and salted caramel from natural ingredients. The manufacturer is looking for distribution agreements.


A Ukrainian company which is situated in the central Ukrainian region, is looking for distributors for its chocolate products.
This company is successfully working at Ukrainian market for more than 4 years and, during it's life has gained popularity in Ukraine. For this purpose company wishes to extend its sales to a foreign markets.
Since the products has gained popularity, the company has started to grow and it is building a new workshop now.
Their production is mainly vegan, without white sugar and confectionery fats. The products are produced in stylish packaging with a targeted appeal to the market of healthy products. A company is looking for distributors, other business intermediaries, as well as retailers in all EEN network who will represent the company's products at their markets.
This manufacturer produces 5 types of chocolate bars (including sugarless), more than 20 kinds of candies, nut-chocolate spread, salty caramel with unrefined brown beet sugar and candy bars. They also make own fillers for candies, from natural ingredients.
A company uses only four main ingredients - grated cocoa beans, natural cocoa butter, unrefined brown beet sugar, and vanilla.

Advantages and Innovations

Their chocolate is fully handmade and manufactured from natural ingredients.
They pay attention to the highest quality of the ingredients.
A company developed technology which saves all the benefit properties of a chocolate to let consumer receive benefit and a taste of natural chocolate.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The desirable partner is the company experienced in distribution of a healthy products, candies, vegan food, handmade foods, etc.
The potential partner will have to distribute the company products at their markets.

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