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Ukrainian high-quality textile products sewing company is offering its services and is looking for partners abroad to work under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: BOUA20201015001
Publication Date: 15 October 2020


A Ukrainian company focused on high-quality textile products is looking for partners from Europe, in the form of manufacturing agreement or subcontracting. The company is looking to provide сutting, sewing, making and packing services; they produce fashion clothes for men, women and children, work clothes, protective clothes for healthcare workers. The company manufactures complete products or partial products, depending on client needs.


The Ukrainian company is situated in the Volyn region, which borders with Poland and Belarus. The Ukrainian enterprise that works since 2007 provides sewing services for all sectors and is open for any partnership opportunity. The company has experienced workers in various spheres (technologists, designers of clothes, cutters, and sewers) and for a large order, it is possible to connect 15 sewing workshops.
The sewing equipment is suitable to sew all the materials. The Ukrainian company uses different sewing machines to meet the needs of its customers: overlocker, coverstitch machine, single-needle machine, button machine, buttonhole machines. This Ukrainian sewing enterprise extends to various sewing services and can offer their services working with:
• clothes (men, women, children);
• special work clothes (railway workers and employees, firemen, etc);
• protective clothes for healthcare workers (medical overalls, medical gowns, shoe covers, face masks, medical caps, etc).
The company is making sewing production for partners by their examples and templates and can help to get material and other additions that are needed in Ukraine, however preferable customer provides materials, patterns, requirements, information base, design and Ukrainian company provide finished products. The company is interested in exporting its services to foreign countries. It plans to receive ISO certification in the near future. The company is ready to be a subcontractor and to take up orders according to the specified guidelines and requirements. Cooperation based on the manufacturing agreement is also possible.







Advantages and Innovations

-Experience of cooperation with partners from abroad: Poland and France. Took part in a French government project for the manufacturing of disposable spunbond medical overall.
-Flexibility for the customer needs and mobility, that allows to re-organize production processes.
-For a large order, it is possible to connect 15 sewing workshops.
-The company has contacts with logistics companies that allows to find best ways of delivery material from customer and ready products back to customer.
-The company has the experience in sewing business for more than 13 years.
-The equipment is constantly renewed.
-High qualified workers (technologists, designers of clothes, cutters, and sewers).
-European quality at low prices.
-Fast order fulfilment.
-All necessary special equipment is available: Overlocker, Coverstitch Machine, Single-needle machine, Button machine, Buttonhole machines.
-Convenient logistic location, 20 km from border with Poland.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The Ukrainian company is searching for a foreign sewing company to take over its workload and to work under the subcontracting agreement. Companies that need sewing services (designers, fashion houses, companies working with fashion brands) can be possible partners; according to their templates and samples, needed goods can be made under manufacturing agreement. The company is flexible about the requirements, but long-term partnership is preferred.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests