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UK Software company is looking for a C++ programmer under a services agreement

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TRUK20200312001
Publication Date: 12 March 2020


A UK software company that has an established program related to marine navigation and fishing is requesting a C++ software developer under a services agreement to provide software modification, feature development and maintenance  for the existing program.


The UK software company is looking for a software program developer who has experience working on C++ programs using the Visual Studio software suite. The program has been developed to assist with marine navigation, fishing and marine conservation. The work will include modification and the addition of features within the program as required.The developer will be working on an established program that is well written with clear explanations as to how it functions.
The original developer of the program will be retiring from the role, but will act as a consultant providing knowledge transfer support relating to the existing program and insight regarding the development of new features and modifications in order to improve functionality and the customer experience for the user.
An understanding of the marine industry in relation to navigation and fishing would be of special interest. However, a strong technical understanding of C++ programming is most important. The UK company is requesting a service agreement with a new developer and the required assistance for maintenance and development could vary from four to forty hours a month when necessary.

Expertise sought

Extensive experience developing and maintaining C++ programs, and a working knowledge of the Visual Studio software suite.
An interest in the marine navigation and fishing would be advantageous. Especially plotting charts and navigation planning.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

A software developer who has experience developing and maintaining C++ programs and has a through understanding how to use the Visual Studio software suite. The developer is requested to work with the UK company on a long term basis under a service agreement.

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