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Leading companies seek proposals for innovation challenge (Health & Personal Care)

Country of Origin: Singapore
Reference Number: TRSG20191202001
Publication Date: 2 December 2019


Industry leaders based in Singapore are interested in partnerships with providers with relevant technologies to co-innovate a wide variety of solutions within the categories of health and personal care. 

The MNEs are interested in licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance with startups, researchers and SMEs of all sizes.


Leading MNEs based in Singapore are seeking partnerships to co-innovate solutions in the categories of health and personal care. Successful applicants whose proposals are selected will gain access to domain knowledge and opportunities to test-bed and co-innovate with industry leaders to develop new products and services for consumers.

The MNEs are seeking licensing partnerships or commercial partnerships with technical assistance with startups, researchers or SMEs of all sizes.

Expertise sought

Expertise, solutions and technological innovations are sought in the following areas:

- Improving Recovery from Diarrhoea
- Improving Skin Health
- Early Detection of Infant/Child Diseases
- Building Babies' Resilience Through Immunity
- Supporting Breast Feeding (Breast is Best)
- Personalising Nutrition for Little Ones
- Fighting Alzheimer's through Early Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
- Enabling more Pleasurable Sexual Experiences
- Drug-free Therapies for Self-treatment, General Health & Wellness
- Managing Mental Well-being
- End-to-End Solutions to Enable Better Health Outcomes
- Safe and Effective Alternatives for Home and Personal Care Products
- Improving Out-reach and On-boarding of Doctors
- Consumer-centric Solutions for Digital Therapeutics
- Integrating Healthy Nutritional Habits for the Best Start in Life and Beyond
- Digital Solutions for Better Hygiene
- Healthy Ageing

Solutions should be at a technology readiness level of TRL5 and above.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

Already on the market or available for demonstration.

Requested partner

The MNEs are keen on the following types of partnerships with startups, SMEs of all sizes or researchers (including universities and research institutions):

License agreement - The MNE will license the technology offered by the SME/startup/researcher to further develop into products or services for its customers.

Commercial agreement with technical assistance - The startups/SME/researcher will render technical support to the MNE in introducing the technology in the form of new products or services to the MNE's customers.

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