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Seeking technology partners to develop high-value applications using shipyard waste (copper slag)

Country of Origin: Singapore
Reference Number: TRSG20181206001
Publication Date: 6 December 2018


A Singapore-based mulinational enterprise (MNE), active in the marine and offshore industry, has direct access to continuous supply of copper slag as a by-product of blast cleaning operations in shipyards. The spent copper slag remains as a waste product and is recycled and supplied to the construction industry. The company seeks to partner SMEs of all sizes or research institutes that can develop high-potential applications that use the waste copper slag via research or licensing partnerships.


The Singapore-based MNE operates in the marine and offshore sector and performs various blasting activities as part of its operations. 

Copper slag, a by-product of copper extraction, is used for blast cleaning operations in shipyards. Once the copper slag is used for blasting, it cannot be used again. The waste copper slag is recycled and utilized in the construction industry as a replacement for sand used in ready-mixed concrete. In addition to iron oxide and silicon oxide, which form 75% of the copper slag, it is also composed of calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, and magnesium oxide.

The Singapore MNE is keen to establish the following types of partnerships with SMEs of any sizes or research institutes to develop high-value applications for the spent copper slag.

• Research partnerships - Joint research or co-development with the partner in developing suitable applications for the used copper slag.

• Licensing agreements - The MNE would license the technology from the partner to further develop it into suitable applications to meet their needs.

Expertise sought

The company seeks technology providers or collaborators (SMEs of any sizes or research institutes) who can make use the waste copper slag for in high-value applications. 

The prospective partner has to offer a technology that is at least a TRL 4 (technology validated in the lab). At the end of the partnership period, the technology should have achieved a TRL 9 (actual system proven in operational environment).

Requested partner

The roles of the desired partner (SME of any sizes of MNEs) include the following:

• Identification of possible high-value applications that can be put into practice in Singapore and perform technology assessment

• Development of technologies that can facilitate the use of washed copper slag for the identified high-value applications

• Final validation of the technology in appropriate environments to confirm its application potential

The preferred mode of partnership sought by the company includes research cooperation or licensing agreements.