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Construction of a sustainable, energy self-sufficient office building. Partners sought for transfer of implementation expertise as well as energy storage and wind energy solutions

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TRDE20190909001
Publication Date: 9 September 2019


A German IT company with expertise in building automation and monitoring is planning to construct a sustainable, CO2 neutral and healthy office building accommodating up to 150 working spaces. The company seeks partners for technical cooperation regarding the project implementation, a site-specific wind-energy solution as well as energy storage for a larger building.


A German company is specialized in IT solutions. They have expertise in building automation, digitization and artificial intelligence. The company plans to implement a sustainable building project for an office building that has a positive life cycle assessment (construction, utilization, demolition).
The concept includes the use of renewable raw materials and the reduction of space requirements. The building should be made from wood and it should be energy-self-sufficient and CO2 neutral. Sustainable energy is to be provided through solar, wind and geothermal energy. New energy storage technologies, such as, salt-water batteries, fuel cells or electrolysers, will be integrated. An important advantage of the concept is the workplace health promotion through construction with biological wood products and the application of building automation as a comfort function. The building is to be a reference building for other future projects.
As an IT company, the German company will take care of the automation, control, monitoring and security tasks as well as innovative technical equipment. Geothermal deep drillings exist. The company is already in discussion with solar panel providers.
Currently, the building is being simulated. Construction should start in 2020. The building will have an area of approximately 2500 m² and accommodate 120-150 working spaces.
The company still seeks advice, know-how or solutions regarding the wind energy and especially the energy storage technologies, which should ensure the availability of energy / electricity from the renewable sources at any time. Furthermore, the company would be interested in knowledge transfer and exchange with other players that have carried out comparable building projects or who are in the planning phase.
Thus, they would seek partners from industry and research who would like to contribute to the areas mentioned above within technical cooperation agreements.

Expertise sought

The challenge lies in the integration of ecological, economic, socio-cultural and technical aspects in one building project. 
On the one hand, know-how is sought regarding the implementation of such a complex sustainable and technically innovative building. Contacts to organizations who have implemented a comparable project or who are working on one are sought.

On the other hand technical expertise is sought regarding
a) Wind energy. The building is situated in a location with good conditions for wind energy through fall winds. How can optimum use be made of this? What type of solution would be suitable for the building?
b) Fuel cell storage technology. The company is aware that there are solutions for smaller private houses. The company is looking for solutions to scale this up for a larger building.
c) Salt water battery solutions for energy storage.

Requested partner

Partners are sought for technical cooperation.
Any player with experience in such sustainable building projects is sought for know-how transfer and an exchange of experience.
Companies from the wind energy sector are sought to advise and implement a suitable solution.
Companies with experience in energy storage based on salt water batteries, fuel cells or electrolysers are sought to inform about or co-develop solutions.

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