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A Czech company with the telemedicine product seeks SMEs within the field of the embedded electronics hardware expertise, and universities or R&D institutions with the vital functions monitoring.

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Reference Number: TRCZ20190820001
Publication Date: 27 November 2019


Czech based small company active in the field of telemedicine monitoring devices seeks SMEs with the experience of embedded electronics designing and manufacturing (size reduction of the product). Company looks for research institutions or universities that would contribute to monitoring and evaluation of the collected data. Partners are sought from the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Germany. Company seeks SMEs partnership in form of manufacturing agreement and technical cooperation agreement.


Time is the most important factor in life threatening situations. According to the European Cardio Vascular report from 2017 diseases of the heart and circulatory system (CVD) are the leading cause of mortality in Europe as a whole, responsible for over 3.9 million deaths a year, or 45% of all deaths. The main forms are ischemic heart disease and stroke. Numbers will rise with epilepsy and anaphylaxes. To prevent from late rescue there is one main measure for health threatening diseases - constant supervision. That however leads to patient`s privacy loss and limitations. 
For such patients living to the fullest is question of being sure of the quick rescue. That is why the Czech company has developed a bracelet with monitoring of the patient`s heartbeat, breath, temperature and location in real time. By evaluating these data it automatically detects possible health risk situations and is able to call for help. In addition, it provides remote access to the data for the relatives, doctors or parents. The bracelet works with the mobile app.
The main benefits of the product:
- all in one device, no additions
- remote access
- no need of smartphone – measurement and analysis is based on the device
- constant monitoring
- data history – in need of better diagnostics
- battery life
- competitive advantage - every device which requires direct connection to rescue teams requires their permission which is very hard to obtain – and at this time we have this permission for the Czech Republic.
- life threatening situation prediction – gives the patient time to take the necessary measurements (e.g. stop the vehicle)
- know-how – cooperation with several specialists in targeted diseases
- hardware – whole production of the unique hardware, which fulfills the medical requirements, is based in city of Brno,Czech Republic.
The company is now looking for a partner with the expertise in embedded electronics – company’s goal is to reduce the size of the final product. Presently, the product is 7x7 centimeters big and works well. Company needs partner for reducing the number of component parts by their replacement, reducing the size of the component parts and their distances, their production/assembly costs.
Types of cooperation can be in form of Manufacturing agreement and Technical cooperation agreement in terms of the product's manufacture space rental, machines' rental, technological expertise in product's size reduction design and production process.
Furthermore, the company is looking for the medical research institution or university to cooperate in order to improve the efficiency of the vital functions monitoring and to introduce the product to the potential customers (patients).
Dissemination of the request is restricted to Czechia, Slovakia and Germany because of the advantage in logistics, similar law regulations and shared rescue teams in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and strong purchasing power in nearby Germany.

Expertise sought

Seeking SMEs with hardware development and production background. Companies able to manufacture the embedded devices. Potential partnership with the medical / university and companies with know-how support.

IPR status

Secret Know-how,Design Rights

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Stage Of Development Comment

The product is available for demonstration. Joint project with the city of Brno and South Moravian Region has already started. All major hospitals in Brno participate in testing and development of the product and this way the product is presented to the potential customers - hospitals and their patients. There is a close cooperation with the rescue teams specializing in epilepsy and Alzheimer disease.

Requested partner

Seeking companies working with embedded electronics that could provide space for the product’s manufacture e.g. in terms of space rental or production / control machines’ rental. The partner sought can become a distributor or reseller of the product. The partner sought can also benefit from the joint product software development. Technological expertise in product’s manufacturing which leads to its size reduction is needed. Seeking for the flexible company with the best possible option of barter cooperation in the form of e.g. service for service, resell opportunity option or service for share opportunity.  

Seeking also research centers or universities that have experience with human body interactions and vital functions analysis. Product will significantly contribute to cost reduction of the medical institutions.

Dissemination Countries

Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia

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