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Contract manufacturing sought for processing food industry side-stream in large-scale batch reactors to produce prebiotic ingredients

Country of Origin: Switzerland
Reference Number: TRCH20200310001
Publication Date: 10 March 2020


A Swiss spin-off has developed a catalytic technology to process agricultural/food biomass for the production of prebiotics. They are looking for a contract manufacturer (manufacturing agreement) with experience in processing biomass as a starting material to produce animal feed or food. The manufacturer needs to have the equipment to perform the following unit operations: milling of biomass, hydrothermal processing (hydrolysis) in batch reactor(s), filtration, evaporation, drying.


A spin-off of a Swiss technical university developed a catalytic technology to process food industry side-streams like agricultural/food biomass to produce prebiotic ingredients which are certified under GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices). 

Prebiotics are compounds in food that induce the growth or activity of beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

The prebiotics will be used for animal feed or food.

The spin-off is aiming to disrupt the food, feed and chemicals sectors by enabling the production of specialty and commodity products for these markets from renewable resources through its unique, infinitely scalable, platform processing technology.

The Swiss spin-off is looking for a contract manufacturer that will be able to scale-up their pilot scale production of prebiotic ingredients from food side-stream biomass. The spin-off provides the key enabling processing aid, which, when mixed with the feedstock in an aqueous solution, is able to efficiently extract the prebiotic. From the sought partner they request the industrial operational expertise to operate in such large volumes under the desired processing conditions (145°C, 10 bar, stirring 200rpm).
At first they aim to have a collaboration that is purely based on manufacturing contract(s). Subsequent different opportunities can be discussed once the first runs of their process in the large-scale has successfully been achieved.

The ideal partner the spin-off is looking for is a contract manufacturing organization that:

- is located in Europe, especially from following countries: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria.
- has experience in processing biomass as a starting material to produce animal feed or food under GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices). The spin-off is responsible for the supply of the raw material.
- has large (>3m3) stirred reactor vessels to process biomass at 145 degree Celsius and 10 bar pressure.
- has already equipment to perform the following unit operations: milling of biomass, filtration, evaporation, drying.

The spin-off is interested in a manufacturing agreement.

Expertise sought

The spin-off is looking for a partner who:

- Is able to process large volumes of biomass (i.e. several hundreds of kilos per day) under the spin-off’s process conditions.
- Has a high manufacturing quality, and GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification
- Reproducibility of the processing
- Facility that has been previously experienced and certified for similar processes and is ready to operate

Ownership of the IP: The IP is key part of the core business of the spin-off, therefore they are planning to keep it.

Requested partner

The partner should be a contract manufacturing company or research institution with contract manufacturing facilities & capability to produce feed and/or food products under GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices).

The tasks to be performed by the partner sought:
- (1) Receive raw material from food side streams, and potentially store it in cool temperature (approx. 5°C).
- (2) Optional task: Preprocess the raw material by milling down to 300 microns.
- (3) Add the milled biomass together with the company’s processing aid and water in large (>2m3) reactor vessels.
- (4) Perform the reaction in well stirred reactor for some time at max 145°C temperature, and max 10bar pressure.
- (5) Separate fluid from solids. The desired product is in the liquid phase.
- (6) Evaporate the water from the liquid to concentrate the product.
- (7) Collect the product in powder form by spray-drying (or equivalent)
- (8) Optional task: Package the final powder in air-tight bags to avoid humidity.

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