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Brussels based SME that developped a modular, low carbon, autonomous tiny housing box is looking for partners that can provide sustainable technologies to improve the energy management systems used in the housing boxes

Country of Origin: Belgium
Reference Number: TRBE20191009001
Publication Date: 10 October 2019


A Brussels SME has developed a light weight, autonomous type of housing with low environmental impact. The container style mobile housing unit is autonomous in terms of water and energy use and built with sustainable construction and zero emission technologies. The SME looks for partners to improve the technologies (e.g. sustainable batteries, PV and water purification system, home automation) applied in the housing box. The company is looking for technical and commerial cooperation agreements.


A Brussels SME has developed a low-carbon, transportable small housing unit that is entirely self-proficient in terms of water and energy use. The construction is made of sustainable materials and does not require a connection to electricity, heat or water networks. Water and electricity needs will be entirely met by thermal insulation and sustainable water and energy sources (e.g. photovoltaic panels, storage battery, rainwater and greywater filtering).

The housing unit offers all modern comfort and has a trendy design. The surface area of the housing unit is 40m2, with 30m2 of living space including a living room, bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. Due to its small dimension it can be easily transported by a truck. Its modular structure also allows it to be assembled in such a way that it can create an infinitive number of unique buildings.

Most tiny housing constructions that are currently on the market are rarely energy efficient and must still be connected to water and electricity networks and are not easy to move. This low weight housing solution has the advantage that it is transportable, fully autonomous in its water and energy provision and still offers a high level of comfort to the occupants. The housing unit has no dependence on the ground surface and is scalable according to the needs of its users. The construction can be used in multiple ways; e.g. office space and meeting rooms, secondary residences, housing for students, hotels, schools as well as temporary installations such as shelters for accommodating for example asylum seekers.

The proto-type of the housing box is expected to be installed in December 2019. Actual production of the housing boxes is foreseen for September 2020 with delivery date planned for 2021.

The company is looking for partners that can offer improved sustainable and zero emission technologies for the housing units. In particular expertise is sought regarding:

- Sustainable batteries,
- Photovoltaic systems
- Water purification systems
- Smart home automation applications.

Expertise sought

The company is looking for technology partners that can provide technologies related to the energy management system of the housing unit. Typical products and technologies used in this structure are insulation, windows, load-bearing elements, partitions and construction techniques such as inertia, airtightness and zero emission technology e.g. solar panels, battery and water treatment. The company is looking in particular for innovative technologies such as sustainable, low weight  batteries with a low discharge percentage, PV and water purification systems, but also smart home automation applications.  
The company offers the possibility for the testing of novel and innovative technologies in the proto-type of the housing unit.

IPR status

Exclusive Rights

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

The company is looking for technology partners that can offer improved sustainable and zero emission technologies for integration in the energy management system of the mobile housing box. The partners are expected to enter into a technical cooperation and / or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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