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[Eurostars2] A Korean company is looking for partners to develop a 3D-based conferencing system with real-time interpretation and translation technology.

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: RDKR20191004001
Publication Date: 4 October 2019


A Korean company specialized in VR/AR solution is preparing for a project proposal under Eurostars2 in 2020. The main goal of the joint research is to develop a 3D technology-based software which can be used for corporations’ conference systems. To this end, the company is looking for partners specialized in technologies of real-time voice(speech) recognition, text conversion (STT: Speech to Text), or cloud-based technology supporting real-time translation in various languages.


Traditional video conferencing systems still present a number of limitations. For example, it still remains as two-dimensional meetings via flat screens, and there isn’t a significant difference from an audio conference when multiple people are involved. Moreover, the types of documents that can be shared are restricted to the form of presentations and several other types of documents, hence the meetings for 3-D contents or design collaboration can be difficult with the existing methods. 

Expectations and demands for 3D collaboration / conferencing systems are increasing because of the supply growth on AR/VR terminals as well as the fact that 3D contents can be used in the mobile, the most popular terminal. As a result, a Korean company specialized in VR/AR solutions has developed software for conferencing systems using various terminals (VR.AR, mobile terminals, etc.).

Through the solution, user experiences have been widened as follows: Users can participate in the meeting through their avatars which widely opens up their availability, real-time sharing and synchronization of 3D contents contribute to the more effective conference and its outputs. In addition, not only the embedded function of voice chat and video conference for large volume are helpful, decorating avatars and its virtual space can add some fun factors into the system as well- the solution supports almost all kinds of video and 3D content formats including 360/180 3D.

Through the system, users can invite a friend to virtual space to watch and enjoy a broadcast or other content together- users can have a conversation at the space through several methods based on their preference. Along with this technology, the company wishes to find a partner who’ll jointly develop a function that can support communication between multilingual users and European partners with AI-based real-time translation/interpretation technology.

*The expected outcome of the R&D project will be as follow:
-Interpretation and translation outputs within 3 seconds after speaking.
-Over 90% accuracy of interpretation and translation
-The estimated development period is 2 years including commercialization: plan to apply languages of the initial target countries such as English, German, Korean and Japanese in the first year, and add additional languages in the second year.

As the company wishes to submit the project proposal to the Eurostar 2 in the first half of the year 2020, they intend to limit the issuance of EOIs for partner search to January 1st, 2020.


Advantages and Innovations

-It provides people a new way to get the most conference experience with the 3D technology which maximizes the sense of reality. That is, users can have a meeting at one virtual space regardless of their current locations. This 3D technology-based solution also supplements several disadvantages of the traditional video conference. 

-Improves usability by supporting various terminals.

-Eliminates language barriers by supporting real-time interpretation and translation.

IPR status

Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted

Stage Of Development

Project already started

Requested partner

-Type of partner sought
: Enterprise, research institute, universities or any types with the technology required is welcome.

- Specific area of activity of the partner
: Potential partners preferably in electronics & information communications with real-time interpretation and translation solutions.

- The task to be performed
: Development of AI/VR based real-time translation / interpretation technology for 3D conferencing system.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests