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EUROSTARS: A French SME is seeking industrial and research partners to set-up a novel system for recycling destructured data

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: RDFR20200205001
Publication Date: 7 February 2020


In the framework of an Eurostars proposal a multinational consortium, led by a French SME active in artificial intelligence (AI), is looking for industrial and research partners from Europe and abroad. The proposal's main objective is to set-up novel computing tool to restructure and recycle destructured graphic data (plans, schemes, etc.).
The consortium's members are looking for:
- laboratories (for R&D on the tool)
- companies as end-users
- start-ups with pertinent problem patterns


The volume of digital data is growing exponentially. Within this digital data, nearly 80% is non-structured and 50% hence is industrial data.
In this context, one of the challenges for companies is to manage, develop and make the best use of this destructured data.

A multinational consortium, coordinated by a young and innovative French SME specialised in artificial intelligence, is willing to respond to this challenge in the framework of an Eurostars proposal. It targets destructured graphic data (building plans, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and pneumatic diagrams, manufacturing and machining ranges, mechanical plans, assembly instructions, etc.). Several types of files include this kind of destructured graphic data: PDF, PS, HPGL, DXF, IGES, STEP, EMF, WMF, SVG, CGM.
The project's global purpose is develop an innovative data processing tool that is able to restructure and recycle non-structured data. This tool shall be commercialised in the two years following the project's end.
It is possible to use it for:
- comparing destructured files of the same type
- comparing heterogeneous files, for example PDF and DXF and find differences between these types of files that contain the same information
- restructuring an unstructured file, to introduce it totally or partly into Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Drafting or Desktop Publishing software.
- indexing all textual and graphic information in these graphic documents to perform “Google” type searches.
- searching for documents: from text and/or graphic information
- classifying and organising documents.

In this correlation, the Eurostars proposal's (cut-off in September 2020) consortium is seeking several European partners to construct and carry out the above-mentioned proposal's aspects in a bottom-up approach.
The innovative French SME is looking for:
- a laboratory (or more) for research and development activities in graphical restructuring
- a company (or more), for testing the outcomes as potential end-users
- company (start-up/SME) (or more) that has problems in finding similar patterns

The call's deadline is the 3rd September 2020
This partner request is open for receiving expressions of interest until the 01st July 2020

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

In the framework of this Eurostars proposal the French SME is willing to complete the project's current multinational consortium. These future partners shall participate actively in setting up a novel data restructuring tool that will be mainly based on artificial intelligence technologies. 
The following structures and competences are sought:

- One laboratory (or more) that would be willing to work on the problem of graphical restructuring of the information contained in vector graphics files and/or the search for repetitive patterns in a data set. Good research and development capacities in the field of artificial intelligence is expected.

- One company (or more) that will be the end user of the tools developed within the framework of this European project, and that will participate in the definition of these tools from a potential user's point of view. The thematic/problematic of restructuring data shall be sufficiently important within the company so that the tests' results will be significant.

- One start-up (or more) that has problems in finding patterns similar to those of the consortium, such as in biology (finding repetitions in DNA or proteins) or in law (finding
repetitions in the argument of judgments) in order to pool research work.

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