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UK developer of a patented device to treat female urinary incontinence and utero-vaginal prolapse seeks a partner to build a prototype via a manufacturing agreement

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: BRUK20190813001
Publication Date: 13 August 2019


UK developer is seeking a manufacturer under a manufacturing agreement for an innovative effective and safe device to treat female stress urinary incontinence and utero-vaginal prolapse. These conditions have a negative impact on a woman's social, physical and psychological well being, leading to embarrassment, low self-esteem and social isolation. The manufacturer will need to build the prototype ready for trialling.


This UK developer has a patented design of an innovative, effective and safe device that would treat female stress urinary incontinence and utero-vaginal prolapse.  
Around 6 million women have significant symptoms of urinary incontinence and around 600,000 women have utero-vaginal prolapse. Currently the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence is generally through surgery, whilst these procedures are effective, they are also associated with operative complications. The most popular mesh surgery that has been on the market for two decades has been banned in the UK. So a patient controlled device would be a useful alternative.

Currently treatment methods of utero-vaginal prolapse include pelvic floor repair surgery with or without vaginal hysterectomy, and non-surgical methods such as pelvic floor exercises and different forms of pessary. The pessary is effective, but needs to be inserted by a doctor or nurse trained in this field and changed every 4-6 months.

This developer has designed a non-surgical device that can be inserted and removed by the user, so taking the need to visit the Doctor (GP) /hospital out of the equation and therefore eliminating the need for the use of healthcare resources, travel time and cost and embarrassment. They are looking for a manufacturer to help build the prototype in order for the product to be trialed and become ready for market. This would not be a one-off partnership but rather a request aimed at long-term cooperation, This would have to continue upon the successful trials (when the product will then be ready for mass production).
They are looking to do this via a manufacturing agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

- This device would be a 5 in 1 multi-task product, primarily treatment of female stress urinary incontinence and utero-vaginal prolapse, and in addition treatment of urge urinary incontinence, mixed urinary incontinence and urinary incontinence due to urethro-vaginal fistula.
- Less invasive so avoiding the risk of surgery
- Cheaper than surgery and the pessary, so reducing the cost of healthcare via the doctor (GP) and National Health Service (NHS) and other healthcare providers.
- Patient controlled so only use when required and remove it when it is not needed.
- Easy to insert, use, remove, clean and re-use.
- Size could be adjusted by the patient
- Reduction in the risk of vaginal ulceration due to constant pressure from the pessary e.g. ring, shelf, gellhorn etc.

Expertise sought

This device whilst may seem very technical is a simple easy to make product and low cost, however the prototype  manufacturer would need to have the knowledge of manufacturing similar types of products.

IPR status

Patents granted

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Requested partner

The developer would like to seek a partner that has the knowledge/ability of building similar types of devices. The partner would need to align with similar interest adding value to the healthcare market and for social responsibility. The partner needs to be a manufacturer via a manufacturing agreement who can provide a demonstrable prototype ready for trial with a view to having the capacity to manufacture the device in large quantities.

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