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Russian company specialized in the sale of fertilizers is looking for suppliers of organic fertilizers under commercial agency agreement

Country of Origin: Russia
Reference Number: BRRU20191209002
Publication Date: 9 December 2019


The Russian company that is specializing in the sale of fertilizers is looking for manufacturers of organic fertilizers to widen its product offer. It would like to conclude the commercial agency agreement.


The Russian company from Novgorod region specializing in selling different types of fertilizers has been operating on market since 2011. The company already sells organic fertilizer on the basis of lake sapropel. Sapropel - is a centuries-old benthic sediments of freshwater reservoirs, which were formed from extinct water vegetation, the residues of living organisms, plankton, and particles of soil humus, containing a large amount of organic matter, humus. 
Fertilizers are used in agricultural production and in the conduct of private farming as a development stimulant and plant growth, reclamation and rehabilitation of soils. The range of liquid organo-mineral compound fertilizers of high concentration, created on the basis of the green lake sapropel. They belong to the efficient, economical and fast all-in-one fertilizers.
The company is willing to expand its product line. To this end it's looking for distributors and producers of organic fertilizers abroad for the conclusion of the commercial agency agreement.
As a desired result from a cooperation, the company sees increasing the base of suppliers of raw materials and as a consequence of the increase in exports.

Expertise sought

Efficient and all-in-one organic fertilizers

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The requested type of company: SMEs. 
Activity:companies engaged in producing fertilizers.
Role: regular and timely delivery within the framework of commercial agency agreement.

Dissemination Countries

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, Norway

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