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Romanian distributor is looking for a manufacturer of resealable/reclosable packaging products.

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: BRRO20200326002
Publication Date: 27 March 2020


Romanian company with 15 years’ experience in distribution is looking for manufacturers of resealable/reclosable plastic bags and biodegradable plastic bags. Currently the company supplies the food, health, beauty & pharma, textile, automotive industry, spare parts and electronics. The company aims to introduce new branded products on the Romanian market for these fields. The company intends to collaborate based on a distribution service agreement.


The Romanian company started its activity in 2006.The company was the exclusive distributor for a renowned French packaging producer between 2006 -2019. Currently the company aims to extend its range of products and is looking for manufacturers of innovative and qualitative packaging, as well as biodegradable packaging products, with the purpose of distributing them on the Romanian market. 
The products should be practical for everyday use, should have universal use, a hermetic multi-track closure system, to ensure anti-spill and anti-contamination of the content. The products must be available in various thicknesses and sizes.
The products should be ISO certified (9001:2015) and British Retail Consortium ( BRC) global standard for food safety.
The company’s customers come from various industries: food, health, beauty & pharma, textile, automotive, spare parts and electronics.
The company sells its products directly to end customers, but it also makes use of distributors nationwide.
The company also has storage facilities that enable fast and efficient delivery to Romanian customers.

Advantages and Innovations

The main advantages of working with the Romanian company include the following:
- extensive knowledge of the market (more than 15 years’ experience);
- experience in international cooperation;
- adaptability to customer demands (in terms of size, flexible batches);
- a large portfolio of customers at the national level -above 300 clients (further expansion to Bulgaria is expected);
- a close relationship with existing customers;

Expertise sought

The company is interested in identifying high-quality products, in the market niche of resealable/reclosable products. The products should be ISO certified and Food Contact approved.
Products can be standardized, as well as customized (tailor-made).
The bags should have the following specifics: at least 60 microns thickness, with sizes starting at 40x60mm and up to 400x600 mm.
Packaging should be in cardboard boxes: 500/100pcs/pack
Goods must be delivered on Euro pallets, following DAP terms.

IPR status

Patents granted,Trade Marks

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Stage Of Development Comment

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

The company is looking for manufacturers or brand owners of resealable/reclosable packaging and biodegradable bags to sign distribution services agreements.  
The partner should handle the transportation to client’s storage facility, further details of the collaboration are subject to negotiation with each individual manufacturer (minimum and maximum volume/ deliveries, size variation, customization, price ranges, and discounts).

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