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French energy provider is looking to invest in photovoltaic projects in Spain

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: BRFR20191212001
Publication Date: 6 March 2020


The French company develops, finances and operates renewable power units worldwide. The current company 's turnover is close to 20 millions euros and it provides energy to the equivalent of a city of 212.000 people.
They decided to further develop in Spain. The company offers finance facilities to invest in photovoltaic plants. The French SME  is therefore looking for independent power producers carrying out such projects in order to invest minorly (up to 49%) within a financial agreement.


The French company offers financing facilities for photovoltaic assets. This financing structure leads to optimal financing and profitability for the sponsor.

With its team of 15 experts in financial engineering, fundraising and debt management, the SME manages 393 million EUR of financing via a mix of debts (senior debt, junior debt and private investors).

The French company is looking for photovoltaic project owners namely independent power producer (IPP). In average, the partnership financing structure could finance up to 95% of the asset with external debts.
The company's target is to support the project through:

- An additional layer of debt raised from our private investors network (“super junior debt”)

- Equity investment in the partnership as a minority investor

- If required by the partner, assistance to reach the most effective financial structure (negotiation with banks and debt funds ; financial modeling ; legal structuring )

In Southern Europe the potential, the efficiency and the return of investment on such photovoltaic installation is high. Therefore, the company is willing to target and expand on this market and especially in Spain.
In this context, the French SME is looking for photovoltaic project owners with whom they shall work under a financial agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The advantages within such an offer are the following for the independent power producers:

- Retain ownership and control of the project

- Minimize its equity contributions

- Benefit from an optimized financing structure

- Enjoy a long term partnership

The company provides to its partners a sustainable and efficient financing solution to execute its project.

The innovation as such is that the financial product offered is specific for renewable energies assets, its value relies on similar installations and follows the same business model.

Expertise sought

The French company is looking mainly for IPP partners which could be in charge of all operational aspects : development, construction, operation and asset management. 
The company offers an investment solution for such a partner to benefit from its financing facility.

IPR status


Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The ideal partner should be a  reliable and solvent IPP which carries out photovoltaic projects. Projects can be either ground mounted or rooftop, secured by Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or full merchant risk.

Since the French company is not located in Spain and is looking for minority position into the partnership, the partner would have the responsibility for all operational and legal aspects of the business taking place in Spain. The company would therefore look only for a financial partnership and agreement.

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