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New software tools and products sought for database developers and administrators

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TRUK20190718001
Publication Date: 18 July 2019


A mid-sized East of England company enjoys growth internationally in the segment of tools for Microsoft data platform. They wish to grow the portfolio with immediately available tools and products but also more forward-looking technologies for further development. The type of cooperation will vary dependent on the stage of development and nature of the partner; excluding research cooperation but might include commercial, joint venture, license, and technical cooperation agreements.


An East of England company is enjoying steady growth in the market of software professionals working on the Microsoft data platform. They have a strong US presence, selling to the majority of Fortune 100 companies. The main existing product categories are:
. Database DevOps (Development and operations)
. Database developer & database administrator (DBA) productivity
. Database monitoring

The company wants to remain a leader in terms of offering its customers the best and the latest in the field. Therefore, they have started a search for new technologies and products in this exact field but also in adjacent fields that will fit the existing customer needs. The technologies are listed under Technical specification and expertise sought.

The expected stage of development is at least demonstration stage. The UK company has resources for further development. The desired cooperation type could be almost anything dependent on the stage of development or nature of the partner. Specifically these might include:
• Commercial agreement with technical assistance where the partner wishes to sell a new product type and support the company in its use.
• Joint venture agreement for partners who wish to set-up a new venture with the company to exploit new product technology.
• License agreement for partners wishing to authorise the company use of their product in return for a royalty.
• Services agreement for partners offering their expertise as a service rather than a product as such.
• Technical cooperation agreement for partners wishing to work with the company to develop their product from demonstration stage to the market place.
The one thing excluded would be collaborative R&D projects.

Expertise sought

Short to mid term
. Data governance - This is broad: ownership, classification, security, accuracy, accessibility consistency, storage, backup, protection, use policy, audit, compliance, security. They’re especially interested in data masking, audit and compliance.
. Microsoft Data Platform – End-to-End data platform whether in the cloud or on client’s premises (as described at:
Longer term requirements.
. Containers – Containers are revolutionising the way software is developed, tested, deployed and scaled. How will these lessons and practice impact databases?
. Machine Learning (ML) – How could ML be used to improve the company’s existing tools and solutions?
. Object relational database (PostgreSQL ) tools;
. Business Intelligence DevOps
. Database modelling – Entity relationship modelling is an approach to database design.
. Data preparation/wrangling -

Requested partner

Industrial companies and academic teams developing relevant technologies are invited to put forward non-confidential descriptions and demonstrations of their tools, and some initial thoughts on the type of cooperation arrangement they would seek.

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