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Ukrainian food company seeks milk drying technology under license or manufacturing agreement

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: TRUA20180324002
Publication Date: 29 April 2019


A Ukrainian food company specialized in butter and dry powder milk production, seeking milk drying technology and multi-purpose dryer equipment to improve the plant’s resource efficiency. They are looking for suppliers under either a license agreement or a manufacturing agreement.


The production of high-quality milk is an important modern nutritional issue of humanity. The Ukrainian company produces 1,650 tons of dry powder milk and 300 tons of butter per year and has many years of experience in this field. As a result of energy and resource assessment at company level it was made a conclusion, that water consumption per unit of finish product is too high. It is necessary to implement a new milk drying technology, replace a drying plant and reduce overflow water consumption. A company needs a new drying plant of film evaporation type drying tower with special cleaning equipment by capacity of 9,8 tons of clean water per hour to improve the plant’s efficiency.

The company requires milk drying technology and equipment for milk processing. Expected charges on company's modernization amount to 1 400 000 USD.

Implementation of a new milk drying technology based on film evaporation will allow to achieve a higher level of resource efficiency at the plant and reduce water consumption per unit of finish product. Moreover, during the evaporation process all steam will be devaporated and clean water received for other technology needs.

Among the main advantages of the film evaporation method there are:
-reducing of fresh water consumption;
-clean water production for other technology needs;
-reducing electricity consumption;
-reducing natural gas consumption;
-reducing wastewater pollution;
-reducing an environmental impact.

The enterprise is looking for appropriate technologies owners, business partners for cooperation by license agreement or manufacturing agreement.

Expertise sought

Everlasting research on energy and resource consumption, reduction of energy and material resources.

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Stage Of Development Comment

Financial expertise has been conducted at the company. Energy and resource assessment has been conducted in 2014.  An investigation on new milk drying technologies is still ongoing. Company is seeking for new technological solutions.

Requested partner

The enterprise is looking for technology owners, business partners for cooperation or joint company foundation, investors. Also it seeking for technology and investments.

Specific area of activity: Industrial processes.

Task to be performed: Installation a new drying plant for production dry powder milk.

Preferred Countries: Germany.

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