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A Korean middle market company is looking for a proven reformer technology for hydrogen refuelling station under license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TRKR20210218002
Publication Date: 18 February 2021


A Korean middle-market company that provides engineering and construction service in semiconductor, display, chemical, energy, bio and environment industry is looking for reformer technology for a hydrogen refuelling station. This company wishes to cooperate with the European companies with commercialized small-scale and mid-scale reformer technology under a license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance, to enter the Korean hydrogen refuelling market.


A Korean middle-market company, which is looking for a proven reformer technology for hydrogen refueling station, is specialized in providing machine engineering service and advanced chemical material management system for semiconductor and display companies for more than 30 years. 

Recently, they have entered bio, pharmaceutical, water treatment and aerospace industry as well.

As global interest in climate change is increasing recently, the majority of the countries are expanding business area to the hydrogen industry to meet the market demand in the energy transformation.

To take advantage of this opportunity, this company also wants to enter the Korean hydrogen market, especially the hydrogen refueling station which will be installed in 1,200 sites until the Year 2040.

Various reformer manufacturers for hydrogen refueling station are already present in the Korean market.

Thus, the company is looking for an overseas firm with various application reference in terms of reformer technology, but those with no cooperating partner in Korea yet.

Under a license agreement, the Korean company wants to have the exclusive right to supply the product in the Korean market.
They are also considering a commercial agreement with technical assistance wherein the company purchase some parts of the product on a non-exclusive basis with technical training or coaching to produce a finished reformer product in Korea.

Expertise sought

Technical specification of Small-scale reformer (300 Nm3/h) is as below (Companies with middle-scale reformer technology is welcomed for open discussion)
- Capacity > 650 kg/day
- Designed Pressure > 0.99 Mpa
- Material input pressure > 0.4 Mpa
- Hydrogen output pressure > 0.7 Mpa
- Hydrogen purity > 99.995%
- Reforming efficiency > 70%
- NOISE < 75 dB at 1 m
- Assembly structure: Skid type inside container
- The partner sought must have reference in their countries and overseas

IPR status


Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought : company 

- Specific area of activity of the partner : Production of reformer for hydrogen refueling station

- Task to be performed :
: Supply reforming system to Korean company under license contract (and/or)
Entering Korean market together with the overseas firm under commercial agreement with technical assistance (products partly manufactured in Korea)

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