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Request for the development of new applications for the release of functional biological substances and nutrients for sustainable agriculture

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TRIT20201021001
Publication Date: 21 October 2020


An Italian agritech company born to satisfy sustainable farming and develop low cost releasers of water and nutrients, is looking for partners to whom to entrust research and development or physical-chemical improvements of its applications, with the aim of developing new formulations and commercial products. Researcher and high-tech & green SMEs are sought for technology and commercial agreement with technical assistance


An Italian agritech company is working to create industrial-scale production and intends to use its biodegradable and biocompatible hydrogel for applications that meet customer needs. These are composed of natural raw materials, when degraded in the soil they release strategic elements for soil fertility. These applications can absorb water, nutrients, microorganisms or other substances of interest, then release them. This technology can be useful to assist in the germination of seeds and the growth of seedlings, to convey substances and microorganisms in the environment and in the human body because they are edible and healthy. The company now proposes to proceed towards multidisciplinary collaborations with research institutes and innovative green companies with the aim of developing applications, natural carriers of microorganisms, fertilizers, protective and functional biological substances, nutrients, etc. Such collaboration could be related to technical cooperation for the development of the required applications or in a commercial agreement with technical assistance if the technologies are already available but still need to be adapted.

Expertise sought

The patented hydrogel can be modified in its chemical and physical characteristics. Partners are sought to conduct research and development and meet specific requirements. The ideal partner with whom the Italian company intends to collaborate should: - Provide experience on natural polymers, their properties and their modifications; Abilities on synthesis, mixing and extrusion technologies in order to generate a significant improvement in the characteristics of the applications. - Capablity to  create new formulations based on predefined targets and making field tests. - Guarantee and protect the exclusivity of knowledge shared or generated by collaboration.

Requested partner

SMEs and researchers are sought in order to establish either a technical cooperation for the development of the required substances or a commercial agreement with technical assistance if they own technologies which are already available but they need to be adapted.

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