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Global accelerator program in the field of energy is looking for start-ups with new technologies

Country of Origin: Finland
Reference Number: TRFI20200207001
Publication Date: 11 February 2020


A Finnish technology center with international energy tech partners is looking for new technologies from start-ups and growth companies to apply for an accelerator program in the energy sector. All startup companies and growth companies with early-stage or scale-up phase technology in the energy sector are welcome to apply, as well as startup enterprises in fields linked to the energy sector. Potential cooperation types might be financial and licence agreement and technical cooperation agreement


The energy related accelerator program started in 2014 as an innovative platform to share ideas and trends and developed into a multi corporate accelerator program, supporting startups to grow, connecting them to corporates and helping them to challenge the status quo of the industry. The purpose of the program is to help startups and enterprises reach their goals, and together build world, where clean and affordable energy is provided for everyone.

The Finnish technology center was established 1989 and it is owned by the energy sector companies of the region. They are an important and neutral background actor, whose mission is to make the energy cluster in the region even more successful. Their cutting-edge expertise is in energy technology, and they are experts in developing businesses and operating conditions. They are involved in various projects, programs and services both regionally, nationally and globally. From these cooperations, often something completely new and revolutionary is born – new business within the energy sector, and technological innovations on a global level.

The technology center is now starting the sixth accelerator program in the energy sector and they are looking for new technology developers to apply for the program. The first program took place in 2018 and resulted in partner agreements for the participating start-up and growth companies.

The leading Finnish energy companies are as partners in the energy program and their objective is to strengthen their competitiveness by finding partners among growth companies that bring new innovations to the industry. The accelerator program runs once a year for total of four weeks and two two-week phases. Each time up to 16 companies are chosen for the program.

After the accelerator program the technology center offers the participating startups an opportunity to continue to use the co-working space and services for additional three months.

The application deadline is 31st of July 2021. The received Expression of Interest will be targeted to the Spring 2021 Call. Applicants will receive a link to submit their proposal after creating an Expression of Interest.

The program is looking for early-stage and scale-up phase companies that are solving real problems in the energy business. The selection of the participants will be done according to the team, idea and the potential to disrupt global industries by its partners. The participants are benefiting from interactions with the program partners, mentors and community. Ultimately, the program is looking for companies that have strong potential for collaboration with one or more of their corporate partners, and which can benefit from the platforms, distribution channels and expertise that partners provide.

After the acceleration program the possible type of partnerships between industrial partner companies and selected start-ups or growth companies may be for example financial agreement (technology projects for investment purposes), licence agreement (buy a license) and technical cooperation agreement (need a technology to be developed). The industrial partner companies are open to discuss the exact form of cooperation with the potential partners.

Expertise sought

The program is looking for innovative expertise in the fields of energy as well as startup enterprises in fields linked to the energy sector, such as digitalization, Iot, cybersecurity and gamification, including smart grid, power optimization and renewables

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for scale-ups and SMEs with ideas that fit the conditions of the desired solution outlined through these challenges.

The cooperation model may vary and might be for example financial agreement, licence agreement and technical cooperation agreement but the exact form of cooperation might be defined between the potential partners.

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