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Belgian medical device company is looking for manufacturer of finishing ring

Country of Origin: Belgium
Reference Number: TRBE20210519001
Publication Date: 28 May 2021


A Belgian medical device company is looking for an innovative solution for a component of one of their products: a finishing ring to be threaded on a tube, allowing the passage of another tube. It should be of high quality, reasonable cost and deployable at large scale. The ring must allow a certain tolerance in size of the tube on which it is to be threaded. Today they work with rings machined from polyoxymethylen plastic. Cooperation in the form of a manufacturing agreement is sought.


A Belgian company that develops, produces and commercialises medical devices is looking to improve one of the components of their innovative walking aid. This component is a finishing ring of a steel tube in which an aluminium tube slides.
The ring must be adjusted to the size of the steel tube and must allow the aluminium tube to pass through in such a way that the sliding tube is against the ring. There must be no gap between the ring and the sliding tube.

Today this ring is machined from polyoxymethylene plastic.
This technology should allow precision with regard to the diameter of the central tube and the sliding tube.
Unfortunately, these two tubes have a diameter that can vary by a few 1/10 of a millimeter, which can prevent the tube from sliding, or not allow it to be positioned in a forced manner on the tube, or not hold.
They would like to find a solution so that the ring can be placed without having to resort to gluing.

The company is looking for collaboration in the form of a manufacturing agreement. The partner should be able to develop and manufacture this finishing ring for their medical device that is assembled in Belgium. There will be transfer of expertise, know-how or technology between both parties. They want to find a long-term strategic partner who can support the company in its growth.

Expertise sought

They are open to innovative ideas and solutions to solve this challenge.
The ideas they have already thought of:
- A softer ring that can adapt to small diameter variations, but rigid enough to keep the tube sliding.
- The inside of the ring with material that crushes when it is slipped over the central tube.
- A system of clips that would fix the ring to the structure (they can provide holes in the central tube if necessary)

You will find attached diagrams and measurements for more details.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for a partner capable of developing and manufacturing this finishing ring under a manufacturing agreement.

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