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Development of a completely natural yeast immobilization technology for alcoholic beverages and biofuels

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20210113001
Publication Date: 13 January 2021


A Spanish research group working on viticulture and oenology, discovered and researches on yeast biocapsules, a yeast immobilization technology for the process of fermented products such as alcoholic beverages and biofuels. 
Researchers are searching for collaboration with any type of company working on the biofuel or alcoholic drinks sector throughout financial or license agreements.


A Spanish research group working on viticulture and oenology has developed yeast biocapsules.  The “yeast biocapsules” is a technology for the process of fermented products such as alcoholic beverages or biofuels. They are hollow spheres that conglomerate high density of fermentative yeast cells inside. This technology has been patented and differs from other conventional systems because yeast biocapsules are totally natural, can be reutilized up to seven times and are storable for long periods. This technology has a wide range of applications such as in food and biofuel industry.
Thus far the yeast biocapsules have been internationally recognized for their potential in application for products that are fermented such as wine and bioethanol. It has received different awards won by the researchers in relevant international Enology and Viticulture publications as well as at regional and international entrepreneur initiatives.
Next steps in research are to develop a proof of concept for the use of yeast biocapsules for alcoholic fermented products so that the technology can be valorized and readily sold in the market. They are seeking collaborations with any type of company throughout financial or license agreements to advance their next steps.

Advantages and Innovations

If we compare with the conventional methods used in the industry, yeast biocapsules allow:

Low production cost. Biocapsules are a low-cost product since residual materials from agricultural or food/beverage production, such as spoiled wines from wineries, could be used as a resource for their production. Further, the materials that make up the biocapsules are renewable, abundant and conservable.

The possibility of recovering stuck fermentations. Stuck fermentation is one of the most relevant problems in the fermentation industry. Stuck fermentations result from inactivation of yeasts before the fermentation has finished and may lead to the loss of the entire production batch. With the use of biocapsules, these stuck batches can be recovered.

Easy handling of yeasts. Once the fermentations are finished, the yeasts must be removed from the medium. Yeasts are currently removed with expensive and inefficient clarification systems. If the biocapsules are used, the yeasts can be removed in a simple, economical, safe and rapid manner, minimizing time and loss of product during clarification.

The possibility of reusing them the same biocapsules in several fermentations. In industry, yeasts are often discarded after each fermentation. In our team, we have been able to verify that yeast biocapsules can be re-used up to 7 different fermentations. This advantage saves costs of material and the time of preparation.

Storable in long periods of time. Yeast biocapsules can be stored at 4 ºC submerged in sterile distilled water for periods longer than a year without losing their fermentative activity.

IPR status

Patents granted

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

The yeast biocapsules have been successfully used for production of bioethanol, white wine, sparkling wine and natural sweet wine at laboratory scale. Current stage is production of yeast biocapsules at pilot scale and establishing a proof of concept based on these results.

Requested partner

Type of Partner: company working on the biofuel or alcoholic drinks sector.
Know-how: the partner or partner organization should have an already optimized protocol for alcoholic beverages or bioethanol production.
Objective: to develop a proof of concept using yeast biocapsules for production of alcoholic fermented products such as alcoholic beverages or bioethanol.
Purpose: confirm and develop valorization of products made by yeast biocapsules so that the technology is readily available for the market.
Conditions: strong work ethic and good communication skills are required. Partner or partner organization must be able to respect intellectual property rights and confidentiality of the technology.

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