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Corporate travel management and sales platform

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20201109001
Publication Date: 5 January 2021


A Spanish SME,active in the area of solutions for tourism, has developed a platform (web and app) for the management and sale of travel reservations for companies, previously filtered by the internal policies of each company.The travelers will be able to book any type of lodging or transport following and fulfilling the internal policies of the company. They seek partnering with companies that manage their own corporate travels for testing or commercial agreements with technical assistance,


90% of business travel reservations are not optimized in time and form.  Sometimes it takes more than 12 emails in a course of 24 hours, just to make a hotel reservation. 

This market need of optimisation, management, control and regulation of the budget that companies having allocated to corporate travel, in a self-manageable way, either by themselves or by agencies that have outsourced, has driven to a Spanish SME, active in the area of development of IT solutions for tourism, to develop a tool (web platform and app) for the smart management and sale of travel reservations.

This tool is made of a web platform and app for the management and sale of travel reservations by companies, previously filtered by the internal policies of each company.

From this platform the travelers of a company will be able to book any type of lodging or transport following and fulfilling the internal politcies of the company. The traveler (employer) will be able to book hotel, airplanes, electric motorcycles, shared rooms or any model of trip.


a) A unified invoice at the end of the month for all services provided in that month to each client.

b) 24/7 assistance so that any traveler can be assisted in the event of any incident.

c) Multiplatform tool based on two portals: one for the traveler and another one for the person in charge of supervising how the workers are traveling.

d) Reports in real time, through a TRM (Traveller Relationship Management). Being this, a CRM, exclusively for the business travel of each company, where they can get reports in real time, by department, by staff or all departments together monthly. Thus having total control over the budget for travel.

The Spanish SME is interested in partnering with companies that manage their corporate travels directly so that they can test this technology. Commercial Agreements with technical assistance are foreseen at mid term with those companies that previously show their interest in testing.

Advantages and Innovations


a) Machine Learning module under development. This will predict travels and preferences of employers that are traveling, just by reading their schedules. Their preferences for hotels, time for filghts...

b) This tool can create customized travel policies to regulate, control, manage and reduce the costs of business travel.

c) All expenses arising from a trip as coffee, meals can be linked to the travel and uploaded to the cloud by means of a capture with the traveler's mobile device, so that the company's accounting department can download it when required.


a) Staff autonomy for travel arrangements according to travel internal policies.

b) Saving money and time spent on making a reservation.

IPR status

Secret Know-how

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The Spanish company is looking for active partners with travel agency services who are interested in automating part of their daily activity and obtain an advantage by offering their employees customized services through a technological solution. 

- Task to be performed: The partner sought will provide his specific needs to implement the proposed technology to configure and meet special requirements and specifications.
They will be assisted with technical support for a correct use and mainteinance during the testing. Commercial agreement with technical assistance can be possible once the technology has been tested.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests