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[EUREKA] A Korean PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane manufacturer is looking for R&D project partner regarding large-scale MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly) for PEMFC (Proton-exchange membrane fuel cell) for ship, train, and truck

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: RDKR20210318001
Publication Date: 18 March 2021


A Korean company that develops PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)  membrane has produced wide range of products, ranging from the electrolyte film in secondary cell to fuel cell components for the hydrogen electric car.  
The company is planning to develop, and commercialize PEMFC (Proton-exchange membrane fuel cell) for ships and train using their PTFE membrane under R&D cooperation agreement with fuel cell/stack companies and heavy-duty transport companies by applying to the EUREKA program


Due to energy depletion and environmental problems worldwide, hydrogen fuel cell has become a new energy equipment, replacing internal combustion engine that emits pollutant.
Up to recently, hydrogen fuel cell stack has been developed and commercialized to be applied in hydrogen electric vehicle. However, high- powered hydrogen fuel cell that can be applied to large FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle), such as bus, truck and energy storage system could not reach commercialization stage due to price competitiveness, durability and technical limitation of the stack.

MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly) is one of the components of stack.
In electrochemical reaction, it allows only the hydrogen ion(proton) to pass the membrane and blocks the electron from passing which is later used as electrical energy. Thus, it is considered the heart of a PEM fuel cell and expensive material.
PFSA (Perfluorosulfonic acid) which is generally used as the membrane material for PEMFC, is expensive and has following disadvantages. depending on the humidity condition at high temperature;

- membrane wetting becomes low that leads to low hydrogen ion
- low membrane dimension stability
- low mechanical durability

In order to produce high-powered hydrogen fuel cell for large-scale FCEV and ESS(Energy Storage System), polymer electrolyte membrane should be large and have high-performance.
This company has developed high-performing polymer electrolyte membrane which can replace the existing PFSA membrane and enable large scale production. Recently, they have installed equipment for large- scale reinforced membrane of 78cm which can be applied in PEMFC for ship, train, truck or submarine and is ready for the mass-production.

Their core technologies are consisted of high-performing PFSA material, porous scaffold with controlled pore, defect removal technology that cause interfacial deintercalation of two materials, and continuous Roll-to-Roll technology. These make mass-production of large-scale PTFE reinforced membrane possible that contribute to price competitiveness through cost reduction. (succeeded in mass production as the 3rd player in the World following the US and Japan)

In order to enter and be a leading player in large PEMFC market, this Korean company is hoping to develop and commercialize high-performing PEMFC with PEFMC manufacturer under research cooperation agreement.

The Korean company is hoping to apply for the EUREKA program with PEMFC company, hydrogen fuel cell powered heavy-duty transport companies and R&D center specialized in PEMFC.

Advantages and Innovations

-	Reinforced membrane has superior durability compared to casting membrane 
- Large-scale membrane based MEA product gives several advantages such as high power, better mechanical characteristics, and cost reduction in heat management

IPR status

Secret Know-how

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Type of partner sought : Company or R&D institute

Specific area of activity of the partner :
- Produce and develop PEMFC
- Produce heavy duty transport

Task to be performed : Develop and produce PEMFC,
Apply and test quality of PEMFC

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