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A Romanian developer of a device for adjuvant treatment of glaucoma, diabetes and hypertension is looking for manufacturers of its product abroad

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: BRRO20200326001
Publication Date: 30 March 2020


The Romanian company has developed a technical solution for the adjuvant treatment of glaucoma and its adverse factors, namely diabetes and hypertension. The proposed device is innovative having an important application potential in the medical field. 
The company is looking for partners under a manufacturing agreement.


The company, established in 2017, has as main object of activity research and development in natural sciences and engineering, and as a secondary activity manufacture of equipment for radiology, electrodiagnosis and electrotherapy.

The method proposed by the Romanian company offers new technology regarding the adjuvant treatment of glaucoma. The device is based on energetic stimulation and harmonization with frequencies of resonance in the plasma field of the specific acupuncture points.

The device consists of four modules. One with electrical stimuli, a module with vibrational and electromagnetic stimuli, a module with sound stimuli and a module with luminous stimuli.
Vibrational medicine is a medical approach based on the Einstein's concept that states that matter is a form of energy and that all human beings are a succession of complex energy fields in dynamic equilibrium.

The energy frequency used for the treatment is an essential element for a successful therapy. Each acupuncture point resonates with its own frequency, thus the module having the possibility to activate the traditional acupuncture points directly on their bio resonance frequency. Sound therapy is one of the most popular methods of vibrational healing and produces measurable vibrations in the body depending on the frequency and amplitude of the signal used. Sounds have a beneficial influence on the body because they influence the geometric structures and the organization of cells and living systems.

The device removes the major disadvantage of the other devices for single treatments, by the fact that the energy balance is achieved by simultaneous use of several sensors. The technology prototype has been tested within several patients with positive feedback.

The interest for this invention could be very big taking into consideration its application possibilities.

The Romanian company targets international cooperation, in order to reach new markets. The company is offering its product under a manufacturing agreement to further develop the business.

Patent was granted for this device in 2017.
A new patent application adding new elements was made in the same year, 2017, at the Romanian Patent Office, but not yet granted.

Expertise sought

Even if the device seems to be very technical is a simple easy to make product, however the prototype  manufacturer would need to have the knowledge of manufacturing similar types of products. 

The client hasn't obtained CE certification yet, so wants the potential partner to participate in obtaining CE marking on its product.

Further and more detailed specifications will be discussed with potential partner.

IPR status

Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted,Copyright

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

Partner type: the partners targeted should have a background and knowledge from the medical devices market.

Role: within the framework of the manufacturing agreement, the partner must establish the production of the developed product in compliance with the patented technology.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests