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Portuguese company seeks new products in energy, water and organic waste reduction for distribution services agreement

Country of Origin: Portugal
Reference Number: BRPT20191023001
Publication Date: 23 October 2019


A Portuguese SME with more than 9 years’ experience in technical analysis and implementation of energy efficiency projects, water consumption and organic waste elimination solutions is looking for new innovative products to add to its offering portfolio. The company seeks private companies to establish a distribution services agreement.


The Portuguese SME has nine years of experience in energy efficiency and sanitation projects, which includes the initial diagnosis, the presentation of solutions, cost estimation, the economic viability analysis / return of investment, search of financing support, installation and implementation services and follow up of running activities according to clients’ needs. 
The existing clients from all over the country are mainly from industry, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and retail.

In order to expand its portfolio, the company is looking for disruptive technological solutions focused on decreasing energy and water consumption and therefore carbon emissions, or generating savings. Beside those solutions, the company seeks also solutions for restaurants and hotels for organic waste reduction, as food waste. The company promotes especially non-conventional solutions to be integrated in the company's projects in Portugal under a distribution services agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The nine years’ experience in the market, with a proven and successful past record, in the development of new projects assures quality services, in an area of activity highly recognized by private companies like restaurants/hotels and other institutions as essential for the future of mankind, and for the minimization of inevitable negative consequences of global warming. In order to keep with the quality of the provided services this company is looking for innovative and reliable components, with distinctive performance concerning energy and water efficiency and organic waste sanitation, leading to higher savings when compared to other existing products already in the market.

Expertise sought

Innovative technical solutions for water or energy consumption minimization and for organic waste sanitation.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Industrial partners that manufacture and/or distribute disruptive technological solutions for decreasing energy and water consumption and food waste management. The partner sought    needs  to have his products distributed and looks for a  distributor specialized in providing this function and wanting to establish a distribution services agreement.

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