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Spanish architecture, interior design and furniture design company is looking for manufacturers and suppliers of sustainable, technological and singular products/services

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: BRES20210405002
Publication Date: 6 April 2021


A Spanish architecture, interior design, branding and furniture design company is looking for manufacturing and supplying agreements to acquire innovative products/services for its projects. The SME carries out disruptive sustainable projects in the tourism and residential sector, applying technological innovation when possible. The company is committed to take part in projects that contribute to energy saving and are beneficial to the environment.


The Spanish SME has been offering sustainable architecture, interior design, branding, and furniture design services for 20 years. Throughout its trajectory, the company has carried out more than 100 single-family housing projects, in addition to housing reform projects, residential buildings, urban planning, and renovations. It has also conducted dozens of hotel, hospitality, office, and retail projects, including projects for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 * hotels.

The SME's current market is Spain, although its main clients are in Galicia. Additionally, the company has carried out certain projects in other countries. The business' clients include companies and private customers.

The company is in search of manufacturing and supplier agreements with parties involved in the construction and hospitality sector. These partners should manufacture and/or supply the company with sustainable and technological products/services that can be applied to its projects. The company is in search of a long-term partnership in order to collaborate in multiple projects.










Advantages and Innovations

The advantages of the SME are the following:

- Project approach towards energy saving and consumption
- Search for technical and technological innovation
- Disruptive projects that generate expectations in the market
and economic repercussion to their clients
- Innovative sustainable projects in the tourism and residential
- 20 years of know-how and expertise
- The company has carried out projects of national visibility such
as concert venues, cafes, restaurants, and hotels

Expertise sought

The SME works with sustainable materials and natural finishes, thus, the products offered must respect the environment and be of great quality.

IPR status

Design Rights,Trade Marks

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The SME is searching for collaborators and partners that can contribute to the company's expansion to other countries. 

The SME is looking for manufacturers and/or suppliers of sustainable, technological and/or singular products/services destined for construction, interior design, and the tourism sector (holiday tourism, hospitality etc.). The company is also open to other types of partnerships; it will consider different profiles.

The partner's role would be to supply and/or manufacture unique products or services that are compatible with the SME's work and projects.

Dissemination Countries

Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom

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