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Machinery and equipment for waste collection and treatment systems on demand are sought by a Spanish design and manufacturing company under commercial agency agreement, distribution and license agreement.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: BRES20200512001
Publication Date: 12 May 2020


Spanish company, with large experience in waste collection and treatment systems on demand, offers its services to companies interested in commercial agency, distribution and license agreements of different types of waste collection and treatment systems (bag openers, conveyor belts, sorting machines, sieving machines, shredders, vibrating feeders, waste balers, wind-shifters, etc.) The SME offers maintenance support and a complete after-sales service, including installation and in situ repair.


The Spanish company was founded in 2008 in the north-central area of Spain. This company has been working for years in machinery and equipment of waste sector collection, treatment systems and machinery alongside some of the most important companies in this area, giving them the best service possible for their requirements.

The company works in customized-manufactured projects as well as turn-key projects. Its main activity is the manufacturing and design of boiler making products, metallic structures and industrial machinery on demand, including spare parts. The company offers a complete technical advice service, engineering solutions and development. Also, an entire service is given including after-sales, installation and repairing. Thus, the company is experienced in mechanical design, been essential the know-how in the development of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and control installations.

The company would like to extend its catalogue of products and identify new partners with a comparative advantage in terms of innovative products.

The machinery and equipment for the waste treatment looking for are mainly:

Bag openers.
Conveyor belts.
Non-ferrous sorting machines.
Optical sorting machines.
Reel splitters.
Separators (for different products)
Sieving machines.
Sorting plants.
Vibrating feeders.
Waste balers.

A long term cooperation is envisaged under license agreement, commercial agency agreement or distribution service agreement.

Expertise sought

The company is looking for a company specialized in systems, machinery and equipment for waste collection treatment and recycling. The company has to be interested in a commercial distributor or partner in Spain.

Requested partner

The Spanish enterprise is looking for manufacturers or companies in the sector of waste collection and treatment, which deserve to increase their market in the Spanish area, offering its products and looking for a confident partner to sell and promote its brand.

The partnership sought is license agreement in order to buy a license, or/and trade intermediary services under commercial agency agreement, to act as an agent to represent the new companies’ products, or under distribution service agreement, to act as a distributor to sell new companies’ products.

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