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Looking for manufacturers or suppliers of bio insecticides, bio fungicides, bio foliar fertilizers, bio stimulants in Greece to be distributed in Bulgaria.

Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Reference Number: BRBG20200902001
Publication Date: 2 September 2020


A Bulgarian company active in plant protection activities and trade with bio insecticides, bio fungicides, bio foliar fertilizers, bio stimulants is looking for manufacturers of such products from Greece to be distributed in Bulgaria under distribution services agreements.


This Bulgarian SME was established in 2017 in order to develop biological technologies when growing all types of crops. The basis for the establishment of the company was a two-year experiment in vegetable production on 10 decares of greenhouse area and 65 decares of open field area. At the end of 2016 organic production of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, pumpkins, salads, salads - iceberg, dill ended with complete success. The farm was biologically certified by a German company, during the 2 years of production funds were received in the biological direction for the measure to control the tomato moth /Tuta absoluta/. 

In 2017 the first agro-pharmacy was established, with main focus consultations, preparation of biological programs and trade with biological preparations and fertilizers. The consulting activity is carried out on the territory of the country - for this purpose the company has four employees. In 2018 the activity of the company was expanded with another agro-pharmacy.

The company is a reliable partner, led by an agronomist with extensive experience in greenhouse vegetable production, field vegetable production, fruit growing, horticulture, cultivation of essential oil seeds, vineyards, grain production. The company has lasting positions in the mentioned sectors. Undoubtedly, the company is one of the factors for organic production in the region and now has the opportunity to distribute preparations and fertilizers that comply with the technologies of the respective crops.

The interest of the Bulgarian company is in manufacturers and suppliers of bio insecticides, bio fungicides, bio foliar fertilizers, bio stimulants to be distributed in Bulgaria. In the presence of an already 3-year, serious customer base, which is growing, the company can meet the conditions for any kind of distribution.

The company is interested in products from Greece.

Advantages and Innovations

- From 2017 the company participates in all major agricultural exhibitions in Bulgaria;
- The company is led by an agronomist with extensive experience.
- Good established network of clients;
- 2 agro-pharmacies available on the territory of a big regional city.

Expertise sought

Good knowledge in bio preparations.
Efficient and all-in-one organic fertilizers.

Requested partner

Partners will be manufacturers and suppliers of the mentioned products.
The role of the partners will be to offer effective products - bio insecticides, bio fungicides, bio fertilizers that the company can test under their conditions and then successfully to distribute and advertise them through their advertising network, seminars and trainings on the territory of Bulgaria.
The partnership will be under distribution services agreement.

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