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Ukrainian manufacturer of electric infrared heaters is looking for importers (distributors) in Europe

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: BOUA20210907002
Publication Date: 20 September 2021


A Ukrainian manufacturer of electric infrared heaters is looking for importers in European countries to distribute heating equipment under distribution service agreements. The expected markets are Germany, France, Scandinavian and Baltic countries, but the offer is not limited only to these countries; the company is ready to cooperate with various importers.


The Ukrainian company producing electric infrared heating panels since 2006. The plant produces wide model range of household heaters depending on power consumption (from 100 watts to 1200), material (cermet or porcelain stoneware) and design.
Electric heaters are used for heating various objects: houses, hospitals, schools, hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. Electric heating can be used as the main heating and as an additional heating source.
All company products have CE mark approval and 5 years warranty. Heating equipment development, production, and marketing are the main activities of the company. The company invests in the development of its products and offers new and innovative products to the market. The company focuses on modern design, eco-friendly materials and user-friendly technology that contributes to energy efficiency.
Due to continuous development and innovation, today the company is the market leader in Ukraine. Moreover, the company exports most of its products to a number of countries in Europe and worldwide. The company already has exclusive representatives in Ireland, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Slovenia. Also the company exports products to other countries in Europe.
The company is looking for business partners (wholesalers, chain stores) for a distribution services agreements. First of all, the company is interested in a long-term partnership with new dealers who will make periodic purchases for sale in their country to end consumers. In the future, it is possible to obtain the rights of exclusive representation and development of a sub-dealer network within your country.



Advantages and Innovations

- Technical and consulting support

The company value long-term and stable partnerships, therefore support sales at all levels.
Design and engineering department will help to design an optimal heating system for an object of any complexity, train technical specialists in the installation and adjustment of equipment, and, if necessary, carry out the installation.
The experienced designers will easily select heaters for any room (visualization in the interior of the customer) and fulfill the individual order of the client, embodying original idea in life.
The personal manager always in touch to analyze problem situations and help in developing a step-by-step action plan.

- Energy-efficient technologies
The company offers energy-efficient equipment for heating different types of rooms on the basis of nonliquid infrared heaters with a power of 100 to 1200 W. This heating technology has excellent heatstorage properties and it is presented in the form of wall, ceiling panels and plinth-type heaters. Heaters have a design capacity of 40% less than any convection heating devices, and in operation - in 1,5-2 times more economical. At the same time, the whole system works only 5-7 hours per day .Heating based on is fully compatible with smart home systems and can be used in conjunction with alternative energy sources.

- High quality products:
The company constantly modernize production, increase capacity and improve the quality of products. Heaters are made of environmentally friendly natural materials. They maintain a healthy microclimate in the room, because they do not dry the air, do not emit combustion products and do not create a dust circulation. And this is most relevant for children's, preschool and medical institutions.
The products are certified and absolutely fireproof, the period of its continuous operation is 25 years.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The main targeted partners should be specialized in heating or consumer electronics, construction and renovation companies, wholesalers, chain stores.

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