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Irish provider of international education consultancy offers services through subcontracting agreement to investors wishing to establish, acquire or manage an international school or set up an online international educational service

Country of Origin: Ireland
Reference Number: BOIE20201123002
Publication Date: 5 January 2021


Irish based company offers services through subcontracting agreement for specialised international education consultancy which support the successful establishment and sustainable growth of new international schools. This company conducts in-depth feasibility studies to inform key start-up decisions and has the capacity to support the implementation of a new school project once a decision has been made to proceed. This company is able to provide a comprehensive range of project support services.


This international education consultancy company is based in Ireland. The company specialises in advising international investors who, for a variety of community and commercial reasons, wish to open new schools that offer an international curriculum using English as the main language of instruction, rather than a national curriculum offered in the country’s mother tongue. 
This private limited Irish company has two full-time salaried director employees based in Ireland, while nine other shareholder consultants reside internationally. Their collective specialist knowledge in international curriculum design, school strategic planning, campus design and development, school leadership and international school business management enables this company to offer highly specialised and bespoke services to their international partners, either as the main service contractor or as a subcontractor working with a third party as the main provider.
The company has concluded a range of service agreements with partners to conduct initial feasibility studies for new schools, provide project support for the opening of a school, recruit staff, review and restructure staffing provision at a school, source appropriate international resources, conduct training of local and international teachers, write school policy and procedures and to design measures to improve teaching and raise learning outcomes for students.
Having concluded an agreement with a partner, the company assigns the most appropriate company consultants (normally 3 or 4) to work as a team under a lead consultant who establishes a close working relationship with the partner. The lead consultant therefore becomes the main point of contact for the partner and provides full support by regular online conferencing. The lead consultant will also visit the country where the school is being established to support project implementation in person if international travel restrictions allow.
The company provides its services at a realistic but competitive price point to ensure that they can offer the commitment and personal attention needed to open a partner’s school successfully.
This experienced service provider is seeking to grow their business and attract clients in new markets worldwide.

Advantages and Innovations

* The company has assembled a team of experienced international advisers with extensive first-hand experience of successfully opening and improving English medium schools in a variety of international contexts. 
* Partners develop a close relationship with their lead consultant who will act as the project’s dedicated lead adviser, while drawing on the knowledge of the wider team.
* The company has developed a range of bespoke methodologies used to inform school start-up feasibility studies and has a wide international network beyond its own team from which it can secure further specialist support for partners, notably in the fields of on-site project management, educational information technology and educational architecture.
* The company has developed exclusive methodologies for projecting student numbers, staff numbers, school financial results and curriculum growth for a period of up to ten years after a school opens. These methodologies have been developed as a result of the their extensive experience of planning for and opening new schools over the last thirty years. This enables the company to write strong, evidence-based feasibility studies and reliable, well-informed business plans to ensure the sustainability of a new school.

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The company works with international partners who wish to acquire, establish, develop or operate international schools offering an international style education in the medium of English. They are available to work with clients through a sub-contracting agreement.

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