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Spanish goat cheese producer seeks distributors based in Italy, France, Denmark, Netherlands and Portugal

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: BOES20210927001
Publication Date: 27 September 2021


The Spanish company, based in the Canary Islands, is the largest producer of a "Majorero (it means native of Fuerteventura) PDO" cheese and other Canarian goat and blended cheeses, all of which have won many national and international awards. They are already operating in international markets (Japan, Australia, EEUU) and are now seeking distribution service agreements with companies in the large-scale distribution sector based in Italy, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Portugal.


The company started as a cooperative of goat breeders in the 1980s and today it is a private and independent family business that has become the largest producer of DOP Majorero cheese, the emblematic cheese of the island of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) and the first goat cheese to obtain a DOP in Spain.

They have their own goat herd and buy milk from 50 other farmers. They analyse the milk collected daily in their own well-equipped laboratory. They have been recognised for their contribution to the local development of Fuerteventura and for their efforts to unite goat breeders and maintain the production of Majorero in a traditional way.

The company wants to offer its core product line:

1.Their flagship is a Majorero PDO cheese exclusively made from the milk of the Majorera goat breed, native of Fuerteventura and perfectly adapted to its aridity. Its milk contains a higher content of protein and fat, providing a delicious taste, somewhat sweet, and incredible creaminess to the cheese. Available young, semicured and cured with and without paprika coating. Among the prizes obtained, the company highlights the following: SuperGold, Top 16 worldwide and Best Spanish at the World Cheese Awards 2018-19 (WCA); Gold and Silver medals at different editions of the WCA. Best of Class at World Cheese Championship Contest 2018. Best Cheese of Spain in 2017 at Salón del Gourmet.

2.Pure Canary goat cheese available in different ageing stages (young, semicured or cured) and with different coating: with paprika, gofio (a pre-Hispanic corn flour essential to the Canary Islands gastronomy) or smoked. Awarded Gold and Silver medals at different editions of the WCA.

3.Canary blend cheese made from 70% cow’s milk and 30% goat’s milk. Available semicured and cured, coated with paprika or smoked. Awarded SuperGold 2016 and several medals at the WCA.

4.They also own a small dairy in the heart of La Mancha that produces the delicious Manchego PDO. Available semicured and cured, awarded Best Semicured Sheep Cheese of Spain (Salon del Gourmet 2019) and several medals at the WCA.

The company wants to export these products to enlarge its market. They are interested in a distribution services agreement with enterprises based in Italy, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Advantages and Innovations

-They count with a warehouse close to Madrid to supply the national and international markets. 
-IFS and ISO 14001 certified.
-Several awards gained for their products
-The company has a laboratory with the latest technology for the analysis and transformation of milk, as well as highly qualified staff and technical supervisors for the development of new products or formats.
Moreover, the company is in a privileged geographical position which makes them a business platform to Africa, Latin America and Europe. Canary Islands are a Spanish autonomous region located 100 km ashore the Africa's north-west coast. Canary Islands is inside one of the most important maritime routes of the Atlantic Ocean.

IPR status

Trade Marks

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

They are interested in a distribution service of their products, with importers, distributors, supermarkets, specialty shops of imported cheeses / delicatessen / gourmet based in ITaly, France, Denmark, Portugal and the Netherlands. 
They can provide catalogues and more information about the products.

Dissemination Countries

Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal

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