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Bulgarian metalworking company offers subcontracting service agreements

Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Reference Number: BOBG20201126001
Publication Date: 26 November 2020


Bulgarian company engaged in stockholding and distribution of steel materials, as well as in supporting metal processing services and fabrication of metal structures, is experienced in guillotine, bandsaw, oxy-fuel and waterjet cutting, along with welding, bending and painting services. The company is interested in opportunities to work as a subcontractor under subcontracting service agreements.


A company, based in south central Bulgaria is specialized in metal processing services and production of metals whose operations go back to 1992. The company has a long history of operations in the local market and has also been contracted for metal processing services for the German market.   

It is well technologically equipped with:
1) waterjet cutting CNC system which is suitable for processing not only of metals, but also of a wide range of materials, such as plastics, wood, glass, stone, ceramics, rubber etc., max. thickness of material worked: 200mm;
2) Oxy-fuel CNC cutting machine, max. thickness 120mm;
3) Band-saw cutting machine, max diameter 120 mm.

Thanks to its experienced team, the company is also able to perform supporting services such as welding, bending with a trubend, painting and fabrication of steel structures based on clients’ project. The company is equipped with own vehicles which is why it is able to offer more cost-effective supply to closer destinations.

The Bulgarian metal company is very flexible, able to quickly respond to changes, as well as to fit into tight deadlines. It is open to new projects, ideas and investments in new technological equipment and staff recruitment, if that’s required for a big project. Through its long years of operations, the company has proven itself as a reliable partner mostly in the local market and is now keen to expand its activities abroad.

Therefore, it is looking to cooperate under subcontracting service agreement with companies mostly from Central and West Europe, Balkans or other regions where its services could be of interest.

Advantages and Innovations

- company’s great track record of operations in the industry  
- well qualified and knowledgeable team of specialists who are able to meet clients’ requirements
- technological equipment - machinery for metal processing
- flexibility in terms of time deadlines, payment terms
- cost effectiveness
- quality management system introduced in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization - EN ISO 9001:2015
- excellent SME (small and medium enterprises) certificate

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The Bulgarian metalworking company is looking for long term partnerships with companies active in the machine industry, construction, metal processing etc. who are interested in subcontracting some of its work in material cutting, metalworking or production of steel items.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests